Mind Over Money: Pop Culture’s Suicide in the Embrace of PC Values

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Surely looking at the general media and entertainment landscape, you’d think the world was bursting with politically correct ideologues looking for their next SJW entertainment fix. Netflix recently signed a contract with the Obamas for the production of empowering content, and small leftist outlets like Crooked Media and VOX are getting mainstream attention from platforms like HBO & Netflix. There’s only one small issue with all of this: no one is buying what they’re selling.

Perhaps the best example of PC Suicide in popular culture is the death of comic books. In fact, by Marvel Executive’s own admission their SJW approach to their comics may have alienated their readers. Female Thor, a bi-racial Spider-Man, and a Muslim Teenage Ms Marvel were all a catastrophic failure. While many try to claim that this is due to racism or a lack of tolerance, it seems more to do with a rejection of the leftist messaging of the content of the comic books themselves, exemplified by a female “Dr Who” with little leftist preaching which generated virtually no decline in ratings.

Hollywood is also strapping itself with an SJW bomb-jacket by producing movies and TV shows that absolutely nobody is consuming. For the last four years all of the “Best Movie” academy awards were awarded to movies that didn’t manage to rank within the top 10 grossing movies of the year. While many movies and TV with centrist or centre-right values are successful, such as Rosanne and American Sniper, it’s chalked up to bigotry or ignorance on behalf of the general populous.

The ABC in Australia, who is known for their use of tax-payer funds to offend and belittle approximately 80% of the population who do not identify as being on the left, recently brought back Tom Ballard’s show despite cripplingly low ratings throughout its existence. This defiant display of a lack of regard for the money given to them by the government to misappropriate in the name of providing a platform for lunatic leftists didn’t even seem to make a mark. In fact, while the cancelling of Tommy’s show generated huge enthusiasm, the day-view episode of Tommy’s show following its cancellation tanked, not managing to scratch the top 20 most watched shows in a day, garnering less than 50,000 viewers.

Content creators and executives have put their desire to pander to the highly offended minority and to proclaim their superior virtue above the interests of their views and their bottom-line. In fact, it seems like the media is happy to continue to ignore the clear signs of demise brought about by their incisive pandering and soapbox proclamations of grandeur and intellectual superiority. Leave it to the intellectual elites to believe that their clear failure is some kind of moral victory.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast
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