Leftists’ Definition of Fascism is Dangerously Broad

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During a roundtable in a university, one of the speakers began to talk about the disparities between men and women. The speaker, among many other points, said one thing that the students found unacceptable. “There are differences between men and women.” This prompted the immediate walk out of about five students. “Men and women store fat in different places, their testosterone to estrogen levels make them prone to different temperaments” she continued, prompting the outrage and exit of a few other students, “And they seem to be predisposed to different activities.” (These are not direct quotes)

This last point triggered outrage. Students began to scream at the speakers and one student got even unplugged the audio equipment. Their reasoning? In interviews outside, they said they did not accept the presence of fascism in their school. Let that sink in. Accepting that there are inherent differences between men and women to these kids was enough to be labelled a fascist.

The unfortunate reality is that this attitude is not unique to these students. In fact, it is a notable trend across leftists who claim anything that does not follow the modern leftist standard of appropriateness is, in fact, fascist behaviour. This is having real-world implications, the most obvious of which is ANTIFA who will shut down anyone without strictly “kosher” beliefs with the use of violence.

The trend, however, continues far outside of the extremist ANTIFAS and has bled into corporations and businesses too. A man, not a public figure, was once fired for providing his opinion about an athlete that asked that someone not take black players to his games in a private email. This athlete was fired, and the aforementioned man tweeted out that he had the right to be an old bigot in the privacy of his home. That man was fired.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are expressing similar behaviours with their use of shadow banning, downgrading, and full-out silencing of any opinions that are not on the left. They claim that this is done to hide abusive content, but much of the content creators that have been the victims of these policies have not released content that is abusive in nature.

By expanding the definition of fascism and setting the standard that any and all fascistic rhetoric must be shut own, leftists are embarking on a mission to silence anyone who opposes them. This is not only dangerous but also inconsistent, since the use of power and violence to silence ideological opposition is, in fact, a fascistic behaviour.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast