During the latest Israel-Palestine conflict the IDF bombed a building in Gaza that had media in it. Makes me wonder if this is a part of them covering up the truth about the war. The media there I assume were pro-Palestinian, so we could have heard from them a more true story about the war than if we just listened to our local media which is probably heavily Israeli controlled and censoring the outrageously aggressive bombing.

It’s just outrageous, you in a war and you bomb a media building? You are supposed to only bomb soldiers, what a war crime, outrageous, they must have done it to cover up the truth. This war does seem very aggressive by the Israelis, they really seem to be bombing and killing more people than the Palestinians, they must be trying to cover this up and to make out that both sides are being aggressive, which is probably a lie.

I have noticed that our disgusting media keeps saying ‘both sides need to stop bombing’. What if it’s mainly Israel and only a little bit Palestinian? I bet that’s the case. If this was China vs Taiwan our disgusting media would repeat ‘China needs to stop the bombing’. Australia would be flying in there and attacking China.

Anyway, it’s all an infowar. You can create the reality you want by propaganda. Get everyone thinking something and then that becomes the truth and is recorded in the history books, but it could be not true at all. The mainstream media is all about creating the truth the powers that be want us thinking is the truth. They are in the business of reality creating, well let’s destroy their fake realities.

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