Interpreting Australia’s Phased Future

These are the four phases Australia’s National Cabinet plans on moving us through over the next few years out of covid restrictions and lockdowns.

I watched it reported on the mainstream news where they spoke over the top of the Prime Minister’s press conference giving more detail.

So here is what I’ve concluded: We aren’t at phase one right now but will be by early next year. It’s not much different from how things are now.

Phase two will kick in some time next year. It involves lockdowns only for the unvaccinated. I assume it involves covid vaccine passport apps for the vaccinated to move around freer. The vaccinated can travel freely within Australia. This stage is good for pro-vaccine people, the unvaccinated won’t be granted any more freedoms. So for me, it is just a continuation of stage one, and stage one is just a continuation of where we are now, so basically for anti-vaxxers nothing is going to change probably until late next year.

Phase three is finally an improvement. There will be no lockdowns but restrictions on travel for the unvaccinated and international travel will start opening up for the vaccinated. This will be around early 2023. People will still have to do quarantine periods but at least things are starting to open up.

Phase four involves an improvement again. The anti-vaxxers can start traveling although they have to do covid tests and quarantines. Vaccinated people don’t have to quarantine, they are a lot freer, and much more international transit can occur. This level is actually kinda liveable for everyone. Airports will start looking normal and things in general too, although a clear perception of a police state will be felt by many.

And we get the last phase which is not on the Australian Government chart. Phase five will be when all restrictions are dropped. The covid scare is officially over at this stage. I doubt this will ever happen but it will be totally back to normal 2019 style. If this does happen then it will probably be in 2024. So they are the phases Australia is going to go through over the next three years. Things aren’t looking good for the unvaccinated for another year and a half. After that things will be freer but we won’t be totally free for their years if that ever happens.

There could be other moves the international globalists have planned such as a secret cash ban, releasing a new virus to depopulate etc. So these stages are subject to change and sadly are best case scenarios. Personally I think they will do other crazy things after 2024. They are getting so much out of this covid pandemic they dont need to pull any more stunts for the time being. I think they need more planning time for their next huge move.

If we reach phase five(total pre-covid freedom) then after a while I’ll be expecting something else big so that would be around 2025 onwards. But let’s be positive and hope that nothing more is coming and that we will blast through these covid phases quickly.

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