How White Privilege Contributes to Global Warming

Climate Change, Education, Feminism, Race, Rundown

This may not be the type of article you’ve come to expect from us, but man-made climate change is a real thing, of which at least 90% is created by human activity. Let us not put our heads in the ground or be on the wrong side of history, the evidence is right in front of us, and we must stop it by addressing what white privilege, specifically in regard to men, is doing to our climate.

We know that it is white men who are destroying the environment. This is a verifiable fact, as the industries that most pollute our oceans and release carbon into our atmosphere are run by white men of great wealth who believe it is their right to destroy the lives of millions of disenfranchised people in pursuit of financial gain. Were it not for white privilege, these men would not feel entitled to commit these tremendous atrocities.

So, what do we do to combat this? We fight white privilege. When white privilege is gone, so there too will global warming be destroyed. Without white privilege, men would not feel entitled to their high-level positions and would give up their power to women of colour who would do a far better job by bringing their lived experience and empathy to the board-room. White privilege would also mean a re-distribution of wealth from the rich-white-male-elite to the people, meaning workers for these polluting industries would no longer need to work there, and the industry would fall.

If you think this article is incorrect, I hate to say it is simply because you are a small-minded individual, probably from a small town, who is not endowed with the cognitive or educational capacities to comprehend these things. Make progress. Get woke. And most importantly, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast