GQ Retraction: Trump didn’t want Death Penalty for Shooter… Who was Killed

Donald Trump, Media, Rundown

GQ, known for content regarding how to tuck your shirt in and rolling up your pants has taken on a political role. GQ seems to publish content constantly taking aim at Donald Trump, but one article may have been short on fact-checking or duty of care.


This particular article questioned why President Trump was pushing for the death penalty for one shooter and not another. The article continues to lay out a variety of nefarious reasons for why Donald Trump would want one shooter to be executed and not the other. The shooters in question were the Las Vegas shooter, and the Florida shooter, the former of which was killed right after shooting into a large crowd of people.


It’s not a stretch to assume that perhaps Donald Trump would find it superfluous and unnecessary to put to death a man who was killed months earlier (much like saying superfluous and unnecessary). Of course, GQ couldn’t miss the chance to take a swipe at Donald Trump, and it backfired miserably


Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast