Cruz Grills Zuckerberg Over Facebook Bias

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Mark Zuckerberg finished his testimony to Congress today to respond to Facebook’s many recent scandals. Mark Zuckerberg was questioned over subjects relating to Cambridge Analytica, Russian Political ads, and censorship, but it is Ted Cruz who took the spotlight when he pressured Zuckerberg about Facebook’s political bias.

The back-and-forth started when Cruz asked if Mark Zuckerberg considered Facebook to be a politically neutral platform, to which Zuckerberg responded: “We consider ourselves to be a platform for all ideas.” Cruz seemed dissatisfied with the answer and pushed several times for clarification regarding the neutrality of the platform, pointing out his conflicting statements on the matter.

Cruz went on to list the instances of perceived political bias, such as the Gizmodo story about Facebook’s routine subjugation of conservative news stories from trending news, and the recent block of Trump supporters “Diamond and Silk’s” Facebook page.

Zuckerberg’s response to this was surprisingly direct, claiming he shares the concerns of many conservatives, especially considering the clear left-wing demographics of Silicon Valley, saying he actively takes steps to prevent political bias from entering the platform. Cruz followed up by asking if Mark Zuckerberg was aware of any left-leaning pages being taken down from Facebook, to which Zuckerberg replied that he did not.

Finally, Cruz asked about why Palmer Lucky was fired, an employee who was terminated from Facebook after it was revealed that he was supporting a pro-Trump activist group. Zuckerberg said that was a private matter that was not appropriate for discussion in such a forum and wrapped up by saying his commitment is to make Facebook a platform for all ideas. Watch the full exchange below:

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast