Conservative Student Journalists Sue University of Illinois for Censorship & Discrimination

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Three conservative student-journalists currently studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have filed a lawsuit against their university for censoring their journalism and suppressing their freedom of speech. A press release from the students’ legal representatives read: “Today three University of Illinois student-journalists filed a federal lawsuit against university officials and an instructor for violating their constitutional rights to free press, free speech, and due process.”

The story started when the student journalists decided to cover an anti-Trump rally happening on school grounds on behalf of another student group. While the protesters chanted, the student journalists stood in the back filming and responding to the protestor’s chants until one of the protesters was pushed too allegedly attacked the students, lunging at one of them and knocking another’s phone on to the ground. Video below:

After this worrisome incident, the university acted in exactly the wrong way, by castigating the students with restraining orders and taking no disciplinary action against the teacher. The student journalists were told regularly to stop reporting on the incident less the situation continue to escalate, subsequently having their social media accounts surveilled by the university.

The students claim this is an attempt to silence their opposing rhetoric on behalf of their university and will be taking them to court because of it. Illinois University has yet to comment on the lawsuit or the allegations.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast