Celebrities Condemn Women’s March For Sharia Law Advocate’s Involvement

Islam, Rundown

Linda Sarsour is a US-based Islam convert who openly advocates for Sharia Law being implemented in the United States, and claims it is the only system that will ever treat women faily. She is also works closely with Louis Farrakhan who is an open anti-semite, speaking often of “demonic jews” and most recently tweeted out “I am not anti-semite, I’m anti termite” with a link to a video of yet another of his anti-semitic rants. This woman is one of the major leaders of the US-based Women’s march.

If the irony of the women’s march employing a virulent anti-semite who advocates for the worst system to have ever oppressed women anywhere on earth to be at the helm of a march for women’s empowerment, you are not alone.

Alyssa Milano who popularized the #MeToo hashtag and became highly involved in the Women’s March was confronted in Politicon 2018 during a Q&A by a woman who asked if she would condemn Linda Sarsour’s involvement in the women’s march. Watch the exchange below:

During the exchange, Alyssa Milano initially ignored the initial confrontation, but after the confrontation went viral, Alyssa Milano announced she’d separate herself from the Women’s march as long as Linda Sarsour maintained her position in their leadership. Soon after, Debra Messing followed suit.

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