Butcher Mocks Vegan Protesters by Carving and Eating Steak While They Protested

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In Toronto, Canada, a group of colourfully dressed vegan protesters arrived outside of “Antler”, a high-end meat restaurant, to protest what they articulated as “the murder of animals”. The protesters held signs outside the restaurant to protest the murderous acts they claimed happened within, but the co-owner of the restaurant just wasn’t having it.

Chef Michael Hunter cleared a countertop (meant for diners) facing the outside of the restaurant, put own a cutting board, and proceeded to butcher a deer leg in front of the protesters, causing them to grow notably upset. “This deer didn’t want to be murdered!” cried one protester to the pedestrians walking by, while other protesters screamed at the butcher and held signs as close to his face as possible.

The police arrived shortly after, giving the protesters some glee as they thought the butcher would be charged on sanitary infractions, but the police started laughing almost as soon as they entered the restaurant. See the whole video below:

Reportedly, after the video you just saw, the chef took the meat back into the kitchen, but he wasn’t done quite yet. He walked out minutes later with a cooked piece of meat, sat down in front of the protesters, and proceeded to smugly eat the entire streak. The protesters eventually left but may think carefully about the restaurant they chose to protest next.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast