Brisbane Antifa Lackey Charged for Assault Against Female Member

Alleged Brisbane Antifa member JONATHAN MANOEL PINHEIRO faced Brisbane Magistrates Court and was charged with Common Assault. The female victim was shamed by Brisbane Antifa organisers for having the gall to report her assault to police.

Brisbane Antifa

JONATHAN MANOEL PINHEIRO faced Brisbane Magistrates Court on 03/10/2019 stemming from a domestic incident involving a female alleged to have been involved in Brisbane Antifa and the far-left activist community.

Jonathan was charged with Common Assault with no conviction recorded and fined $330. The date of the offense was 28/11/2017.

In addition to this were two charges of Assault Occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm that were dropped due to insubstantial evidence.

There in black and white. Or should I say red and black?

The Brisbane Antifa Connection

In photographs sent in from a confidential source you can see Jonathan Manoel Pinheiro at a Vegan protest last year linking arms with others. His distinctive facial features, hair and skin tones appear to match with this photo of a Brisbane Antifa protester present at the Brisbane Convention Centre in Southbank on the night field reporter for The Unshackled Martin Hartwig was assaulted in 2018.

You can also see the same masked individual holding that flag here, in this still image taken from a live feed recorded on the night of the assault. To the right is the oft-flaunted banner inciting violence that reads “Give Nazis Butterflies” with an image of a butterfly knife.

They even love it down in Melbourne. Seen on the left here at last year’s St Kilda Political Meeting.

The Incident

Additionally, Jonathan Manoel Pinheiro’s assault of the victim allegedly involved involuntary strangulation. Screenshots obtained by The Unshackled show an alleged exchange between Pinheiro (leftvegan95) and his victim on Instagram.

The victim confronts him over his conduct, to which his response was “I didn’t even notice I was chocking you anyway, its just natural when horny.” “Yeah ok, go tell police I had sex with u and I chocked u” “Chocking is a normal thing, its part of sex you noob”.

The alleged victim pleaded “people r suppse to warn because it csn cause death u didn’t warn me”.

Jonathan Manoel Pinheiro’s Links to Brisbane Activist Groups

Pinheiro has been involved in anti-coal protests, as uncovered by this article from 04/12/2018  in which protesters including Jonathan Manoel Pinheiro were pursued by New Hope Group, Qube Holdings, and Queensland Rail for $558,000 restitution stemming from damages caused by their lock-on protest where they allegedly obstructed a railway near Jondaryan in June of 2018.

This puts Pinheiro within the sphere of far-left political activism in QLD only one month prior to the cowardly assault of Martin Hartwig on July 29 2018 by members of Brisbane Antifa.


It seems highly ironic that Antifa members who attempt to claim the moral high ground are so eager to cover up the vile actions of one of their own against vulnerable females naïve enough to join their movement.

This sort of sick culture of covering up, intimidating and silencing female victims of sexual assault within the far left is not exclusive to Brisbane/QLD Antifa. Lucas Rosas has extensively covered the same sort of thing occurring in the NSW Greens and the Victorian Socialists Party.

It seems that when they aren’t able to get at so-called ‘Nazis’ to bash, they turn on their own to sate their sick lust for violence.

In addition to the shocking revelations revealed above, I have also been made privy to the ongoing bullying and harassment of the victim by none other than Brisbane Antifa Organizer Kathleen Macleod, who was exposed by Lucas Rosas here.

This poor young woman was shamed and humiliated by Brisbane Antifa organisers for having the gall to take the matter to police. While abhorrent, it’s what one should expect from losers who go about spraypainting ACAB (“All Cops Are Bastards”) everywhere.

I would like to use this opportunity to plead with any young, impressionable young people becoming involved in political activism. Do not trust these people. Many among them are predatory individuals with violent tendencies. Stay in school, finish your degree. Make normal friends.

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