Bernie Sanders’ Son Loses Election in 7th Place Out of 11 Candidates

Were you aware than Bernie Sander’s son was running for Congress? Neither did most people. In fact, the largest amount of news about Levi Sander’s run for Congress was his landslide defeat, managing to place in only 7th place out of eleven candidates.

The democratic socialist who ran on a similar platform as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and who had the endorsement of his dad, Bernie, managed to raise less than $50,000 USD for his campaign or receive any significant national coverage.

It certainly didn’t help Bernie Jr. to engage in angry Facebook fights with his college buddies, fighting over fees for a high-school reunion and speaking out against “white privilege garbage” and political correctness, two things his dad’s base truly love.

Levi Sanders was riding much the same train as his dad, offering to pay for basically everything the US government cannot afford including “Medicare for all, free college, and a living minimum wage that guarantees food, utilities, housing, healthcare, education, clothing, transportation, and savings. Not that it matters now.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast
Minds: EmilioGarcia

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