Australian Feminists Launch Another Whinge Book

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Australian feminists never pass up an opportunity to paint the nation as a hotbed of sexism and misogyny which is governed by the allusive patriarchy. Listening to them you would think that all Australian men do is think of ways to discriminate and oppress women, even if man believes himself to be a feminist ally he is still guilty of holding male privilege and may have subconscious misogyny.

The mainstream media is more than happy to give Australian feminists’ grievances airtime and never question some of the outlandish claims they make. On the other hand, the media is very hostile to those who question the facts feminists put forth or try to discuss men’s issues. Our politicians are also scared to reject any of the demands the feminist lobby makes no matter how ludicrous they are.

You only had to look at the treatment of Cassie Jay, the Director of the Red Pill Movie when she was in Australia for the International Conference on Men’s Issues. She endured hostile interviews from our mainstream media and before she came there was a petition to have her banned from entering the country. The location of the conference had to be kept secret and screenings of the Red Pill were met with protests and threats to cinemas which most caved into.

Meanwhile it takes no courage, no risk at all to speak on the virtues of feminism or hold a feminist event. Hence why there has been no controversy of Australian feminists’ latest project, which is book called Unbreakable: Women Share Stories of Resilience and Hope. It is edited by media commentator Jane Caro and has contributions from the usual suspects Kathy Lette, Mariam Veiszadeh, Tracey Spicer Dee Madigan. It even has a forward Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek. The Sydney launch of the book at Gleebooks last Thursday night occurred without incident, no violent misogynists were there to try to shut it down.

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The synopsis of the book describes it as “successful Australian women talk about the challenges they have overcome, from sexual assault and domestic violence to racism, miscarriage, depression and loss, and how they let the past go to move forward with their lives”. It also talks about the importance of women speaking out and the pressure to remain silent and of course repeats the untruth that the United States President bragged about sexual assault as an example of the sign of times.

Some of these stories I’m sure told stories of genuine violence against women and discrimination which every sane person views as a grave crime. But we can be sure there are stories in this book that display why more and more people including women are rejecting modern feminism. That is feminists seeing misogyny and discrimination everywhere, the embracing of victimhood, perpetuating the stereotype that women are helpless and need government to protect them and of course the constant demonization of all men.

The results of feminists pushing such positions is that it results in tension and distrust between the sexes, it results in the suppression of free speech, comedy and even scientific inquiry. It also results in governments enacting laws that violate the legal principles of equality before the law and the presumption of innocence. Governments also expend vast amounts of taxpayers’ money on programs the feminist lobby deem important such as the emergence of Australia’s domestic violence industry.

Feminists would argue they pay a price for their advocacy, they are always eager to point out the abuse they receive online including rape threats. However, everyone in the public eye is the victim of online trolling, feminists are not special. Has an Australian feminist had to move house for fear of their safety, been assaulted in the street, lost their job or been no platformed?

Feminists are rightly criticised for picking easy targets such as Australia, where women can pursue any career path they want, are no man’s property and enjoy equal protection under the law. While they pick on the little things in western nations such as Australia, they leave the real battles for gender equality such as in Middle Eastern and African nations in the too hard basket. They of course have no time for any discussion about incidents of discrimination men may face in Australia because male privilege is absolute.

If these group of feminists want to publish another book whinging about how supposedly horribly misogynistic Australia is I’m not going to stop them. However, we are right to speak out when they use the power of the government to take away foundational legal principles and freedoms. It is not because of the patriarchy these feminists are criticised, it is because they speak untruths and aim to make our society less socially cohesive. Let’s bring people together, not drive a wedge between them which is sadly what modern feminism does.

  • BunyipBill

    Is it possible that all the “feminist whinging and whining” could constitute misandry?
    Without the continual ‘outrage’ and the need for special protections, they would lose vast sums of government (OUR) money. Without that funding they would be out of work and thus have to find real job. [Most probably they’d simply go onto Centrelink benefits, DSP because of all the “trauma” they suffered {again, OUR money}].

  • Marcus Agrippa

    I thought UK feminists where the worst, I have now changed my mind, Aussie feminists are the lowest of the low. Most of them need to be on strong meds inside a padded cell. Their open hatred of all men is purely disgusting, so full of bile. Their constant victim complex – the air contaminating is too cold, its the patriarchy, its beyond pathetic. This all emanates from our western leftwing on campus academia and we dumb taxpayers are paying for it all, thats right, we are funding all these self manufactured academic feminazi man hate “surveys”.
    None of these notjob feminazis want to talk and discuss
    ✅ Problem of fake rape accusations against men made by vindictive drunken women.
    ✅ The acceptance that paternity fraud is real and that our legal courts just ignore this widespread problem. Even after a DNA test is provided by the man.
    ✅ Our legal divorce system is 100% stacked against the husband, ex wife walks out of court with everything – house, money, custody of the children. Oh and keep paying you dumb ex husband £££££££££££££££. Men are treated like walking cash machines.
    ✅ Last but not least if you are a single male don’t go any where near a university campus, its full of man hating neurotic feminists that will scream rape ASAP.

    • Cottontail

      really! I’m so over these stupid “females”! I’m almost ashamed to be a female myself, but I must remember, I’m not just female; I’m a woman, wife, mother and grandmother and proud of all four roles.
      These losers have nothing to offer, no wonder so many Aussie men are looking for ‘foreign’ women. Wouldn’t surprise me if its a deliberate plan to ostracise healthy men and women from marrying and having families. Ultimately though, there will always be good men and women out there who will carry on the next generation. Let’s pray that some sanity still prevails.