Australia- Vote Fraser Anning or it’s Armageddon

Source: Fraser Anning Interview Gatton Graeme Kelley

Its time to vote Australia. Its time to go into the voting booth and choose which way you want the nation to go. Do you like the way the country is going? Do you like the cesspool it’s becoming? Then this article is not for you. Keep scrolling. BYE! But if you want to fight for a better country, and think its time to change the nation for the good, then read this, and above all, take action!

I have never seen the nation in a worse place. We as a nation are losing our grip. Massive poverty is gripping Australia. Homeless is rampant. Drug, alcohol and substance abuse, is out of control. Crime is sky high! Every night we see another person shot murdered or stabbed to death on the news or on our streets. The nation is crumbling before our eyes. We all see it. We all know it. We all think about it. But we dare never say it. And if we do say it, we get banned from Facebook and Twitter. Or worse, we lose our jobs.

We are everywhere on the retreat.

Economically, the nation is crumbling. On a per capita basis, we are already in recession. Our house prices are collapsing. We don’t have any real large infrastructure projects underway. We have terrible internet. Our resources sector has never looked worse and our banks hang by a thread, leaving millions on the brink of waking up to joblessness.

Socially, we are in deep decay. Our youth have no discipline. Our education system is shot to pieces. The LGBTQ+XYZ agenda has overrun every part of our lives. The Safe Schools nonsense is overwhelming and brainwashing our youth. Marriage is on the decline and divorce rates are, simply put, out of control.

Ethically, we are a joke, we don’t even look after our own people before any random foreigners. We put everyone before our own. We can’t agree on “refugees”, and can’t make up our minds how to handle the aboriginal issues. The major parties have made us an ethically bankrupt nation.

Militarily, we are even more shabby. Most nations look at the Australian military as a joke. Our corrupt government is not giving our soldiers and veterans the care or concern they naturally deserve for putting their lives on the line for us each and every day. We don’t honor them, care for them or respect them. Career politicians who have no bloody clue!

The major parties have given up, they are disenfranchised, they are weak and they are depressed. They don’t even hide the fact that they are are not Australian anymore, just front shops for foreign corporations and governments. They treat the little people with utter contempt. They give what little money we have to foreign countries who don’t want it or deserve it. They hate us, our culture and our way of life. All they want is your vote, nothing more. You no longer matter to them, as long as you pay taxes, they will let you play in the sandpit.

The majors are only interested in cash and power. They are only interested in self-serving and foreign interests. They are only interested in keeping power to themselves, and not sharing it with the little people. They have no soul. They have no spirt. They have no strength. They have no passion. And above all, they have NO COURAGE!

The majors are just a progressive tool of the left wing thugs that now run this country. From these bloody unions in power, to the Antifa Scum on the streets, enforced by a police force that uses “Breach of the peace” powers to shut down anything they subjectively don’t believe in.

There is no right wing anymore. There is no right wing voice. There is no right wing representation at all. Its time for change!

Its time to drain the swamp. Its time for a PEACEFUL POLITICAL REVOLUTION!

Who can save us?

Fraser Anning was born on the 14. of October 1949. He is an Australian politician who has been a senator for Queensland since the 10th of November 2017. Very attached and strong rooted to his home state of Queensland and Australia, he stands as a defender of Queenslanders and its rural communities.

Senator Anning grew up in north-west Queensland on Wetherby Station, near the isolated outback town of Richmond. He is the great-grandson of colonial-era settlers who emigrated from Britain to establish a cattle station west of what is now Charters Towers. He has been a grazier, a hotelier, a gas pipeline worker, a bush pilot and served in the 49th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment.

Fraser Anning is an uncompromising defender of traditional Christian values and strongly supports Australian ownership of agriculture and industry, radical banking reform, private gun ownership and major rural infrastructure development, in particular, the visionary Bradfield scheme. Fraser is also a strident critic of the UN and the usurpation of Australian democratic government by UN treaties.


Senator Anning leads the Conservative National Party.


i) the vision of Sir Henry Parkes of Australia as an English speaking, predominantly European Christian Commonwealth, as originally described in 1901 when Australia as a nation was founded;

ii) social cohesion by an immigration program that gives preference to those best able to integrate and assimilate;

iii) traditional family values, including recognising marriage as only the union of a man and a woman and the sanctity of human life at all ages, including both the unborn and the elderly;

iv) government through the democratic consent of the governed;

v) individual freedom, including unrestricted freedom of speech, association and belief;

vi) private enterprise;

vii) private property as an inviolable natural right;

viii) universal home-ownership as a national objective;

ix) Australian ownership of our infrastructure, manufacturing and agriculture;

x) widely distributed ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange through owner operated farms, small business and co-operatives;

xi) collective bargaining in agriculture and industry;

xii) orderly marketing of agricultural products;

xiii) the development of rural and regional infrastructure and the re-industrialisation of Australia;

xiv) an end to usury through the establishment of a not-for-profit government bank;

xv) the right to own firearms and use them in self-defence;

xvi) welfare as a safety net but restricted to citizens;

xvii) citizens initiated referenda and voluntary voting;

xviii) decentralisation of power and competitive federalism;

xix) a fair taxation system that encourages productivity and savings and rewards hard work;

xx) the restoration of Australia’s national sovereignty through repudiation of coercive international treaties and a foreign policy that puts Australia first;

xxi) a capable and well-resourced military and strong support for our veterans.

Fraser can turn this sinking ship around. Its time to change. Its time to vote 1 Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party. IF you don’t. you are a traitor to the country.

Share this. Its the most important thing you can do!

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