Australia Day Barbeque Planned for the Yarra City Area

There has been much disgust at the decision by Yarra City Council in inner Melbourne last night to drop all references to Australia Day, cancel its annual citizenship ceremonies and instead hold an event “marking the loss of Indigenous culture”. The motion passed the Labor/Greens/Socialist Alliance dominated council unanimously despite the vocal objections of Yarra City residents attending the council meeting. The council will also lobby the federal government to move Australia Day.

It is a decision which has drawn condemnation from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy and even Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews disagrees with the council decision. Malcolm Turnbull rebuked the council in Parliament during question time and has subsequently removed the authority of council to conduct citizenship ceremonies.

Despite the left constantly labelling Australia Day ‘Invasion Day’ and taking unprecedented steps to disrupt the day’s festivities in recent years it is still a day that is embraced and celebrated by the majority of Australians. Sure, our history isn’t perfect, but neither is any nation. But the founding of modern Australia which brought us the prosperity and freedom we enjoy today is why we celebrate Australia Day.

In response to Yarra City Council’s decision a group of Australian citizens have decided to exercise their freedom to hold an Australia Day barbeque within the Yarra City boundaries. It is not designed to be a protest, but an opportunity for citizens within Yarra City who disagree with the council’s decision to still celebrate Australia Day. It is designed to be “big, good old-fashioned Australia Day community BBQ” and “a lovely community, family-friendly atmosphere, where we can all relax and celebrate being Australian”. It will also play the Triple J Hottest 100 (if that hasn’t been moved as well).

It is a very thoughtful response to an attempt by a local council to try and erase Australia Day from the calendar. The decision by Yarra City is likely to divide the community further rather than unite it, Australia Day is not intended to exclude anyone. Hence why this community barbeque has been organised, to keep the date as one of Australians coming together. If anyone disagrees with that, we know what they really think of Australia.

So if you want to help save Australia Day while also having a fun Australia Day with proud Australians then maybe think about coming along.

Tim Wilms

Tim Wilms is Editor-in-Chief of The Unshackled and host of The Unshackled Waves podcast. He is based in Melbourne, Victoria where he also does field reports.