Recently the Centre for Medical Progress in the United States showed an ignorant public what abortion looks like. It is the modern-day equivalent of showing Germans after World War 2 what atrocities occurred in the camps that slaughtered many.

But of course the pro-choice crowd were all about shooting the messenger and using all the legal powers they could to censor the details and using media suppression laws.

The United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee several years back invited experts to testify on the question of when life begins. Embryologists,  scientists and other health experts appeared to speak. The pro-choice advocates did not produce one witness.

Abortion produces dead babies. Period. No amount of euphemistic language will change that fact. Couching it in clever languages like choice or rights does not change anything. 


The mainstream media portray abortion as healthcare. 99% of abortions are for convenience and for a selfish reason. Any abortion by pro-choice is labelled as healthcare.  If abortion were limited to extraordinarily rare medically necessary ones there may be one single abortion mill in Australia.

Society says, “we can get rid of this baby because it is getting in my/our way of liberation and freedom. Society says it’s a difficult choice. I am sure a difficult choice is a lot of consolation for the baby.

The only thing the abortion industry is sincere about is hiding the truth. Their minds have a very clever way of making selfishness look like altruism and care. Babies pose a hindrance and abortion is framed as a release from pain.


Society develops a host of words at self-justification. A host of words were also used by Nazis to try to justify killing Jews or by slave owners who mistreated blacks. They denied their personhood.

The right to privacy language is a language that fully illustrates the shame of their actions. If abortion is healthcare why do pro-choice become totally enraged when you show them what they support?

If abortion is so right they should be praising you for the publicity instead of chastising you. Images of abortion should inspire the power of modern feminism and choice. Even a picture of a baby in utero they consider offensive!


The left-liberal forces are brainwashing young people to buy the abortion lobby’s fiction. Yet these same people praise efforts to save eagle eggs from abuse, but are outraged about protecting unborn humans!

They only acknowledge the humanity of what they know is human when they WANT it. One year they say hard decision or not the right time and the next year they celebrate discovering a pregnancy is occurring.

Fetus replicas were handed to high schoolers in several states in the United States last year and immediately the pro-choice said, “that is hate speech!” They became outraged at manufacturers and distributors of such products.  I mean, how dare these people show high schoolers what a little baby looks like! How dare they show the humanity of a small child growing in the womb! What hateful bigots!

If abortion is a ‘right’ why wouldn’t you want that right displayed? We have a whole lot of healthcare shows showing operations so why hasn’t an abortion ever been shown on a television network?


The cold-heartedness of the pro-choice movement is casual inhumanity and disregard for life. They will not engage you with rational arguments and will simply say, “my body my choice.” Progressives do not want to hear of the worst form of domestic violence when women and men turn on their own offspring and put a child to death. They are sacrificed on the altar of convenience.

Marchers for abortion do not fight for all. They dehumanize an entire group of human beings. Their favourite words are equality and rights. The concept of rights is obliterated by abortion. It is self-indulgent, hedonistic and self-centred. Their hostility is their conscience rebutting them and is playing turmoil with their minds.

There is even a growing movement of shouting out your abortions and sharing stories. Some women to try to break the stigma have filmed their abortions. There are even stigma breaking competitions.

If the abortion was medical care why on earth are you trying to break the stigma?  Why would medical care have stigma? The pro-choice crowds do not film their abortions at all in fact. All you see is them smiling with headphones on. What actually happens is of course not shown.

When a woman discovers she is pregnant, at the earliest possible time she calls it a baby. That is if she wants it. If she and her boyfriend or husband doesn’t want it they play with words by calling it tissue or a fetus. I have never heard of a fetus shower party before. I have never heard of anyone saying, “congratulations on your fetus.” An unborn baby becomes unhuman when unwanted or human if wanted.

Men out there-avoid women who support pro-choice. It means their hearts are already darkened. Stand by your women and protect life. Real men stand-by and support their women. Cowards walk away from responsibility and turn on their own flesh.

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