US Uni Students are Fighting “Discriminatory Ice-Cream” On Campus

Chocolate, vanilla, and marginalization. It turns out that a group of students believe they should have the right to on-campus ice-cream that does not discriminate against large swaths of people based on their religion and lifestyle choices.

A student group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has initiated the “Ice-cream for all” initiative that would end marginalization and discrimination against Muslim and Vegan students. How can ice-cream be discriminatory you ask? By using non-inclusive ingredients such as gelatin powder (an animal product).

During a strategy meeting, it was brought up that, in fact, the university already has options for students who don’t want to consume animal products, but students believe this is simply not enough. You see, even if there are options for students who can’t consume gelatin, these students believe that because they do not have the option to select any flavour is inherently excluding in nature.

According to The Washington Times, the council will put the ice cream resolution to a vote next week.

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Emilio Garcia is a former contributor for The Unshackled.
Emilio Garcia is a former contributor for The Unshackled.
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