One of the biggest continual threats to the West is leftism. The left simply destroys everything they touch.

Leftism is also commonly known as progressivism. Progressivism is also defined as social justice. It is an empty vessel filled with all leftist ideals and this ideology is fiercely wielded as a weapon against any dissenters. To be against the left is to be against social justice so you are a pariah. You are deemed cruel and a right-wing nutter.

It is thrift, endeavour and self-reliance which has lifted two billion from poverty since 1990 and voluntary exchange with free markets. You are considered out of touch with society if you believe those things.

The universities have a huge ideological fervor for social justice. Progressivism is an ideological tool within the universities for filtering out those who are not part of the movement. It is called tolerance but never authoritarianism which is what it actually is.

Many youths have embraced socialism and do not believe in free speech. Professors have been busy rewriting textbooks and erasing any positive benefits of Western civilization. There are actually some wanting the West destroyed to make up for past wrongs or perceived past wrongs to atone for or make things right with other cultures. 

To even try to create a course to teach Western civilization or praise its enormous positive contributions risks a person being labelled bigoted or racist. Universities are busy teaching about gender and identity and dividing people between the oppressors and the oppressed. The academics say social injustice, institutional racism, gender bias, sexism, heterosexism, the patriarchy, white privilege, white guilt and more.

Academics will never mention that Nazism was socialist to the core. The Nazi state determined what was to be produced, who worked, confiscation of wealth, nationalization of industry, control of churches and associations, how much workers were to be paid. The state-controlled everything.

Progressives say that all expansion of government into our lives is a step forward.  An intrusive encroaching welfare state they praise and the left make a living thinking of what the intrusive state should do next.

They promise to deliver a utopia but have not the faintest idea of how to achieve it other than the expansion of the welfare state and more government enforcement. They simply have their virtue and appearing to be good.  The state must do the fixing.

The ABC and The Guardian have the state as their church. Leftism is their religion. I am sure The Guardian would love a leftist caliphate.  Their pages are daily filled with the usual cliches of sexism, racial and gender bias, constant race-baiting, the patriarchy, women’s liberation, past Western wrongs and so on.

Moving forward and seen to be virtuous and progressive is seen as morally superior.  They are gnostic snobs who belittle those who are capitalists and who do not want to install socialism. They even attack those who have seen the disaster socialism is firsthand. It will be different this time they tell us.

The progressives never say what they wish to progress to. They may say they wish to make the world more just, fairer or fight discrimination. They are constantly on the lookout to take offence and wanting to totally rid the world of any discrimination.

They believe that social justice must be enforced, therefore the state must force a much heavier hand. Shut down those who disagree is a common tactic. Envy, crying injustice, the patriarchy,  past wrongs, self- loathing and other empty cliches define them. The Guardian is required reading if you are a social justice warrior and wear a Che Guevara t-shirt.

Anyone who disagrees with the United Nations and affiliated cadres of social justice seekers must be very bad. All the progressives know is how to provide using someone else’s money and enforcing the heavy hand of the state.

They are seeking not to share their wealth but yours.  They want to the fruits of your labour but not doing any lifting themselves. They often favor confiscation of wealth. The rich simply do not deserve it.

The more conservatives appease them or remain indifferent, the louder the left scream their usual slogans and throw insults. The race-baiting of the ABC is a daily occurrence and they actually want people to stagnate into a victim culture. They constantly attack Western values as bigotry or oppressive.

Secular fundamentalism is also becoming more extreme and its proponents hail from the left. The Australian Human Rights Commission is part of the leftist thirst for control and power. They define speech that they do not like as hate speech.

The left is also trying to destroy civil society and wants the bridge between citizens and the state destroyed. Any religious symbols or manifestations of belief in public they wish to curtail. They wish to control what is said in churches, clubs, associations and meetings.

In private schools, there are attempts to force or compel them to operate outside their ethos or values. In other words, conform or else. Removal of parental autonomy or rights is also part of that package. 

This is all called tolerance. There is now a litany of laws restricting speech. People have a right to express religious belief. They left do not want them to live according to those beliefs or display them. There should not be coercion and freedom of conscience is something many on the left would like to destroy.

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