LGBTyranny is upon us. There are countless examples of how it is spreading throughout the West. Women and men are being forced to share private spaces with opposite-sex genders. The real facts about the LGBT lifestyle are suppressed by both the media and activists.

LGBT Education

Teachers in schools are being commanded to use incorrect pronouns when referring to children or teens who pretend to be the sex they are not. The government and educational bureaucrats are forcing public school teachers to lie. Private schools will no doubt be next. I wonder if banning school uniforms will be on the agenda?

People must relinquish privacy and relinquish facts to feed delusions. 
Parents are raising children with no gender identification and waiting years later to assign them a gender. 

Educators are taught to spot potential transgender students in the classroom. The training is done by gender identity experts (a la Marxist engineer of the little souls like Melbourne’s Roz Ward). 

In the West transgender rights, advocates are threatening others who do not agree. There is an explosion of teens who identify as gender non-conforming, gender non-binary or transgender.


Chemical sterilization and surgical mutilation of physically healthy children and teens are gaining speed. People are obtaining falsified birth certificates and driving licenses. The law has now been enjoined to facilitate fiction. 

Children across Canada and the United States are having drag queens read to them at schools and public libraries. This is being done to 4 or 5-year-old children. Those who object face mounting ridicule and the usual smears of bigot, transphobic or homophobic.

Children as young as 6 are being taken to LGBT Pride events with half-clad men and women, drag queens and simulated sexual acts on the back of trucks. Sadomasochism, bondage and other such acts are simulated. The left calls this progressive of course.

Heterosexuals are starting to get attacked if they care about the genitalia of their dates. Dating sites are being used by transgender persons and if the person shows concern of genitalia they are ridiculed and threatened on social media. Their businesses boycotted their workplace intimidated and other forms of harassment.

Women’s hospitals are now being filled with biological males and even women’s prisons. Women’s sports are being undermined by biological males who gain a heavy unfair advantage. Protests or concerns are immediately shut down as being bigoted.

For leftists and radical activists, no age is too young to begin indoctrinating other people’s children. Yes, OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN. They forget the most important thing they are NOT their children. For LGBT activists, children are just another flag to capture. Another political victory to achieve. If scores of children must suffer for the greater good of the LGBT lobby then so be it. Usurping parental rights is a key aim for LGBT activists.

The most prominent and numerous hate groups are the social justice warriors themselves: Black Lives Matter, the Southern Poverty Law Centre, Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLAAD) in the United States and the Safe Schools Coalition plus others here in Australia. They are well-practiced at the art of defamation to anyone who they refer to as an oppressor. Deploying victim politics is the favorite weapon for LGBT activists.

A school must never allow facts to be shown about homosexuality. LGBT activists play the suicide card and say if you do not teach this, kids will commit suicide. Children as just props to them.

Born that Way?

According to the narrative, LGBT individuals are depressed because society does not accept them. They have the schools plus the government backing them, pride days, gay history taught, corporate backing and social media backing. Even though there is no evidence that LGBT programs ease the health problems of anyone, they insist upon it.

They have created a ‘crisis’ saying homosexual males are killing themselves left and right. Oh, of course, the insinuation is that it is the bullying at school based on sexual orientation even though not one scrap of proof exists.

The author of Suicide in America, Dr. Herbert Hendin finds no evidence that social discrimination is a major factor behind suicide attempts of the homosexual students he studied. LGBT activists use bullying as cover to push their agenda. They manipulate numbers and language to whip up irrational fear.

The very high rate of depression, drug abuse, sexual diseases and alcohol abuse in LGBT individuals seen in very socially liberal places such as Los Angeles, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, and San Francisco dispel the myth that it is discrimination. 

The leading figures of sexuality research are often strongly disliked by LGBT activists if they come up with things that are negative.  The biggest one-they are not born that way. The entire premise of Safe Schools and other activism at schools is that they are born like it. Yet the pioneers in sexuality research say they are not.

Studies that show a high level of childhood molestation leading to homosexuality are shut down, labeled as bigotry or false. Yet these young adults will be soon banned from going to see a psychiatrist to resolve their confusion or difficulties.

LGBT say what we do is none of your business but what a psychiatrist or counselor does with their client should be outlawed.  Ex-trans persons who tell their stories and speak of negatives are ostracized and abused. Medical experts are threatened if they speak of dangerous practices among homosexual males.

LGBT activists go out of their way to prevent expert speaking or research papers from being released. The media ignores the huge harms of homosexuality but you can easily look them up. The greatest heretics are the homosexuals themselves who admit if is very perverse and a decadent life filled with health problems.

The National Health and Social Life Surveys in the United States in 1994 found 8% of 16-year-old youth identified as gay but the number halved within two years to 4% then halved again to 2% by the time they were 25. And yes, the LGBT activists did everything in their power to stop this from reaching the media.

LGBT Health Risks

Just imagine if governments and all the institutions mounted a big campaign to encourage everyone to embrace tobacco use and ridiculed and harassed anyone who disagreed. It would be the height of lunacy.

However, this is exactly what we are doing with LGBT. We are told we must celebrate it, endorse it, praise it, and call out anyone as phobic if they do not like it. The horrible bigots now are the ones warning about it.

What the left media will not report is the huge amount of domestic violence within the homosexual community. The chances of being murdered or bashed by a gay partner are high.  Fancy gays bashing up their partners! 

The United Kingdom’s Director of Health and Well Being warned of the increasingly catastrophic HIV epidemic in homosexual men in every part of the world. In Australia 85% of new HIV/AIDS cases are of homosexual males.

Even the World Health Organisation (a pro-homosexual organisation) is issuing dire warnings of gay diseases such as meningitis plus a host of other dangerous diseases almost unseen among heterosexuals.

The statistics are easily obtained by going onto websites such as the Center of  Disease Control and Prevention. Hospitals are creating special units to deal with LGBT maladies. They are always given a positive spin such as the word diversity or equality. 

Most of the power of the sexual revolutionaries have been due to the ability of the revolutionaries to dominate the language used specifically, hurt feelings. Hurt feelings do not constitute law. Behavior is not identity and has no basis in law. Hurt feelings are not a legal arm of the government. Gay politics is a huge government enterprise then requires massive amounts of money to clean up the mess.

Any health problems they blame on nonacceptance and that people are not affirming and praising their lives. Their proclivities are costing an enormous amount of money but they will roll out propaganda about how picket-fence they are. It is self-deception as a group effort.  

If homosexuals and trans-identifying persons should be able to see their predilections represented in the curriculum, shouldn’t other identity groups be able to see themselves represented in curricula? Schools do not teach about polygamists, sibling-lovers, zoophiles or sadomasochists. Why is that? Because it is unhealthy, disordered and immoral.

Well, here’s an inconvenient truth easily found-homosexuality is extremely unhealthy. The activists seek schools, organisations, government, and citizens to affirm, celebrate and praise their lives. Everyone else picks up the pieces. 

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