Can someone tell us what the actual point or purpose of the Greens party?

The Greens push victim culture. You get attention, sympathy, the right to censor other people and freedom from any criticism.  The Greens push PC culture, a hypersensitive culture. Everything is possibly offensive and triggering.

For the Greens writing in capitals, red ink, saying the wrong pronoun, putting crosses on a child’s homework, wearing a cross, different opinions or perhaps clapping is offensive. 

No responsibility means it is not my fault, it is my genes. Blame: patriarchy, sexism, white masculine men. Everyone is so special and individuality no matter how silly and repulsive must be celebrated. But please no different opinions or beliefs from ours.

Debating with a leftist

Sarah Hanson Young. What is the point of her in parliament crawling around the parliament perpetually offended? The Greens offer: climate alarmism, creating a totalitarian welfare state, open borders,  handing over more control to the United Nations, reducing funding for the Defence Force, limitless debt, neo-communism, quotas on all councils based on race and sexes, more money for government-run media echo chambers of the left (ABC and SBS), diversity quotas and more dribble.

The Greens also persist in saying Aboriginal children are removed for racial reasons. They totally ignore real reasons for removal from abuse and neglect. They are removed for safety just as other children are from any ethnic background.  The Greens would rather children stay in squalor and neglectful conditions.

The Greens are economic vandals and attack property rights. They think they know more about farming than second or third-generation farmers. They are anti-resources, anti-resource jobs. They dislike private schools as we know they much prefer children learning all the tenets of Marxism in public schools and learning the politically correct guidebooks, self-loathing and more PC claptrap.

The Greens do not believe in free markets and borders. You shall not speak your mind or someone’s feelings will get hurt. If one member of the Greens questioned diversity quotas or climate change they would be expelled.  Yet they want organizations, charities, and churches to have wide diversity and operate against their ethos or values because that is ‘tolerance.’

Flag burning events and protests on Australia Day are often orchestrated and carried out by far-left Greens, unions and educational bodies.

The Greens preoccupation with gender quotas, transgender choice of bathrooms, banning black dolls, Safe Schools and other such fluff defines them. They think democracies were built upon such rubbish.

Anything the Greens come up with will not add a thing of value to Australia. Freedom of expression, religion, freedom of association,  conscience,  property rights and the rule of law defines democracy.

For a party that preaches tolerance, they vent intolerance daily.  They are motivated to destroying fundamental rights in the name of identity politics and fluff like hurt feelings.

Identity politics in 2019

The Greens are consumed by their imaginary socialist utopia and absolute goals at any cost. The Greens love a person who wants the government to pamper to their every needs no matter how small or irrelevant. 

They preach tolerance whilst demanding safe spaces and trigger warnings. They have all these nice-sounding words to mask their true agenda. Words like: diversity, social justice, economic justice, inclusion, sustainable future and so on. Constant guilt-mongering, endless permutations of imagined bigotry or prejudice we are fed daily. Race-baiting they revel in.

They love the word diversity but want a safe space when they hear a thought or values they dislike. Or they will just shut an event down or use the mob to do the work for them. Misguided, troubled, ignorant youth and often  ‘adult children’ will do the job fine. Those raised on participation trophies who never got into an arm-wrestle their whole lives will do. There are now plenty of them.

The Greens destroy the economy by robbing them of basic elements. Controlling our lives and property and turning others into serfs is their wish.  Deplorables run by and ruled by the self-appointed elites. They have a definition of their perfect society by giving more power to those who are the anointed ones. It is about control of economic activity, central control of economic activity and controlling all members of society. Conservatives, Christians, and capitalists are viewed with disgust.

The Greens tell people they will be free as long as everyone gives up their freedoms that is. If they get more power and closer to their goals there will be nothing for anyone to feast on but an empty carcass. The only thing left will be government plus misery.

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