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Thu, 6 Jun 2019, 18:57

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Stephen Wells is an ex Greenie. Formally a fan of Al Gore and Greenpeace, his life took a turn to “The Dark Side” after he started studying the science behind man made Climate Change. Now he is a despised and reviled “Climate Change Denier”. Some say he learned the truth. Some say he was paid off by “Big Oil”. Either way, he has been making a nuisance of himself ever since his turning.

Stephen has worked over 60 different jobs and businesses in his life. From acting to installing air conditioning. From being a Croupier on a cruise ship to making electrical transformers in a factory. If it exists as a job, Stephen has probably dabbled at it at some point in the past.

A Jack of all trades Stephen is quick to pick up the fundamentals of any subject and see to the heart of matters. He has had to quickly and repeatedly learn new skills, get to know and work well with all different kinds of people in all walks of life, in all kinds of situations. This has led him to also become a great teacher and communicator. Someone who makes the work of experts and specialists easy to understand for ordinary people.

Stephen has been spending his free time in the past six years, translating complex science into simple layman’s language and entertaining people along the way.



Why do Climate Change Denier’s exist? Why are Brian Cox’s luscious lips a threat to nature? And what does Elvis’s sphincter have to do with it all? All these questions and more are answered in this tell all book from deep inside the underbelly of Climate Change Denial.

Tired of waiting behind the back of fast food restaurants for Big Oil money that never arrives, Stephen Wells has decided to sell out (after already selling out) and let the general public see all there is to see about the seedy underworld of Climate Change Deniers. Or he is just saying this to try and to suck you in so he can sell you this book and con you into becoming a Climate Change Denier yourself? Only you can determine the truth. You will just need to buy the book to do so. Funny how that works!

“Stephen’s book is an hilarious deconstruction of the global warming farce. Rendering the entire apparatus down past it’s foundations, leaving not even debris in its collapse. The greatest scientific fraud in history is finished, in a way that any lay-person can enjoy and understand” ~ Joseph Postma-Physicist MSc


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