The Greens yesterday launched their campaign to change the date of Australia Day. They claimed it is a day that causes pain and hurt to the nation’s first people. As is the case with many other leftists the Greens decided to speak on behalf of all indigenous Australians who they claim have the same view.

It wasn’t long until many on social media highlighted that fact that the party that had appointed itself the spokespeople for Aboriginal grievances had a federal parliamentary team entirely made up of white people.

Perhaps sensitive to this criticism the Greens today wheeled out their newly elected Victorian MP for Northcote which is located in Melbourne’s Inner City Lidia Thorpe who it is believed is the first indigenous woman elected to Victoria’s Parliament who called for Australian flag to be lowered on Australia Day claiming celebrating the day was akin to dancing on the graves of her ancestors.

Of course the Greens claim that all indigenous people have the same opinion on Australia Day has been quickly debunked a series of high profile indigenous Australians expressing their support for Australia Day in the national media.

NewsCorp papers have spoken to a number of indigenous elders in the inner cities such as Gordon Workman in Blacktown and Ian Hunter in northern Melbourne who opposed changing the date and disputed that it was a widespread view in the indigenous community to change the date.

Sue Gordon who is an indigenous Magistrate in Western Australia also rejected changing the date arguing that there are “far more important” issues affecting indigenous people and that people like the Greens “should be talking about child protection, good health and good housing for Aboriginal people — not changing a date.”

In Arnhem Land the Rirratjingu clan uses Australia Day to welcome essential services workers to their community with the Clan leader, Bakamumu Marika, 59, stating they do not see any sadness in the day “Australia Day is a very significant day for Australians, including Yolgnu people, the First Australians. We don’t talk about negative things. It’s about a birth of citizenship and freedom, for all of them on our land”. The clan is more concerned about real present day problems facing indigenous people such as jobs in remote Australia and domestic violence.

It has previously been noted that the local councils which have taken it upon themselves to abolish Australia Day are all located in the inner cities and do not have high density indigenous populations. In regional centres surrounding remote indigenous communities such as Alice Springs and Kathrine there has been no move to change the date and there are still plenty of Australia Day celebrations held in those areas which are embraced by the locals.

This disconnect between what these inner city councils believe indigenous people think and what their actual views on Australia Day are has been highlighted by Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Price on her Facebook page and media appearances who is heading the Save Australia Day campaign launched by Mark Latham’s Outsiders. For expressing hers and other indigenous’ peoples’ actual opinion on Australia Day her page is constantly subjected to internet trolling and lies and smears are spread about her and her family.

Many suspect that the reason the Greens, inner city councils and other left wing groups campaign for the changing of Australia Day is because it is an easy way for them to virtue signal they care about indigenous people without actually having to do anything themselves to help those facing real problems in remote communities or confront some unpleasant realities about life there.

As more politicians and media outlets get swept up in believing that we need to have a conversation about Australia Day they should actually ask the people who we are told it is offensive to what their real opinion is.

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