Online Learning

Mises Academy

The Austrian school of economics founded by Carl Menger in 1871 provides the basis of the libertarian case for a purely free market based on private property and voluntary exchange. The Mises Academy hosted by the Mises Institute provides a full and exhaustive course of the laws governing economics and human action and how the unhampered market provides the highest living standards and the danger of state intervention in a free market. With very a low tuition fee you can get a real economics education which will equip you to analyse and solve the various economic problems we face in the modern world.

Liberty Classroom

The history of western civilization is often painted in a negative light and that the modern world was built on institutions such as imperialism, slavery and racism and only the modern big government solved all these crimes. This is why historian and economist Tom Woods founded Liberty Classroom offering courses in American History and Western Civilization telling you the real story about how the freedom we have today is thanks to the important figures in our history who ended oppressive practices and how most of the problems we have today are due to government. Be proud of your country and get the real history that is not often taught.

Ayn Rand Campus

The philosophy of Objectivism developed by novelist Ayn Rand has provided one of the best moral cases for capitalism and the greatness of humanity ever created. Her work and writings have inspired many business leaders and artists to progress man to higher achievements and standards of living. The Ayn Rand Campus provides courses in the study of her great novels as well as the application of her ideas to various branches of philosophy. The study of Objectivism is not just a political philosophy but is designed to provide a person with a more positive and fulfilling way of living.

Learn Liberty

What are the libertarian positions on various public policy issues? The Learn Liberty Program from the Institute of Humane Studies provides short, professional and informative videos explain the libertarian view with well researched and delivered presentations. It’s a free program and you can graduate to various levels of libertarian knowledge by earning points which entitle you to free libertarian merchandise. If you don’t have much free time for a full study of the libertarian philosophy then Learn Liberty is the crash course you need to be informed and ready for debate with opponents.