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COMMIE ATTACK! Alex Jones Ordered To Pay 50m To Sandy Hook Victims

Years ago radio show host Alex Jones on air suggested that the Sandy Hook School…

GAYPOX ALERT: Media Pumps Monkeypox Fearporn!

So some gays have been catching a virus, so what? Aren’t people always catching virus’s…

Covid Jab Stats Prove The Vaccine Is Unpopular

Here are some covid stats. So 84% of the population have had the two jabs,…

Knowledge Report: Record Hospitalisations, Inflation & Unemployment Explained

What’s happened since 2019 that’s caused the record-breaking problems we have today? There is so…

Knowledge Report: The Top Gun, Tom Cruise & Scientology Connection

The secret connection between Top Gun, Tom Cruise and Scientology is the Office of Naval Intelligence. To this day the government is still covering up Scientology’s connection to the Office of Naval Intelligence or the CIA.


Theres a new illness the communist health system has created. It’s called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome(SADS). It’s really the Sudden Death By Vaccination Syndrome(SDVS) but they would never call it that publicly.