The Unshackled Waves Ep. 135 Crisis in South Africa

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One human rights crisis that is finally gaining international attention is the brutal attacks and murders of white farmers in South Africa. Over 400 farms attacks occurred in 2017 with a white farmer being murder more than once a week. This assault on white farmers has been enabled by the South African government which recently passed a motion to confiscate white farmers land without compensation in one of the first actions by new President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Many in the west and here in Australia are concerned for the welfare of South Africans there is push for them to be accepted here as refugees which is being explored by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton. Of course, because they are white it doesn’t generate any interest from the usual human rights crowd and the mainstream media.

White South Africans however are not leaving their land without a fight or allowing themselves to be sitting ducks. One organisation which has been preparing whites for this moment is Suidlanders which was founded in 2006. It which aims to prepare and protect civilian Afrikaners in the event of a civil war and has developed an emergency plan and safe areas for Afrikaners. To learn about the full extent of the situation in South Africa and what is likely to follow we were lucky to be joined this week by Suidlanders spokesperson Simon Roche.

Simon tells us of the history of farm attacks and goes into detail about their extreme brutality. We look at the attitude of the ruling South African government the African National Congress and the minor extreme party the Economic Freedom Fighters and how they have incited this violence. They have also been responsible for the spread of corruption in the nation and economic decline. We look at how the media has reported or in most cases not reported the truth about South Africa.

We learn about Suidlanders work to date and how it plans to respond to the land confiscation motion. We also get his response to the offer of the Australian Government to accept white South Africans as refugees. We also comment on the silence of international human rights organisations about this persecution. We also ask why the lessons of neighboring Zimbabwe have not been learned.

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