Waleed’s Latest Gongs from the Elites

Waleed Ali has become famous for the condescending, patronising and belittling editorials he presents on The Project ever since he became the lead presenter in 2015. Doing his best to paint a negative view of Australia and of Australians, push every warped leftist position and be an apologist for radical Islam, regular Australians detest his attempt to talk down to them on a nightly basis. Only recently he told the New York Times about how awful we are, apparently, to refugees in Australia. However he is praised by others in the media, those on social media, academics, left wing activists and other elites. They also shower him with awards to show their admiration and pat him on the back for reflecting their world view and being a supposed opinion leader.

Earlier this year he was awarded two Logie awards first for Most Popular Presenter and also the converted Gold Logie for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television where he used his acceptance speech to preach for a more multicultural Australia. Although the awards were called the most popular they were only a vote of TV Week magazine readers which has a small circulation compared to the entire voting population, hardly a reflection of the Australian people at large. However the elites are not through celebrating him yet. He has been nominated for two Walkley Awards for Australian Journalism for his editorials on the Project. The awards are chosen by fellow journalists so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he picked up these awards as well.

Probably the biggest slap in the face to Australian people is that Waleed is one of the finalists for the Victorian Australia of the Year, which the winner of which is then a finalist for the Australian of the Year award on Australia Day. However we should not be surprised that he is amongst the nominees considering over recent years the winners of the award have been pretty much progressive social justice activists. The worst example is the most recent Australian of the Year Lieutenant-General David Morrison who won because of a speech he gave to army recruits accusing them of being misogynists and has spent most of this year lecturing Australians on the importance of feminism and using de-gendered language as a way to combat domestic violence.

Despite these awards having the sanction of Australian governments and are awarded on behalf of all Australians the people have no say on them whatsoever. The finalists and winners are selected by various Australia Day councils who are appointed by the governments of the day and base their decisions on their own viewpoint alone with no input from the public apart from the fact that a person has to be nominated by a fellow citizen. Waleed is also not the only progressive activists amongst the finalists as there is a refugee activist, an indigenous activist and LGBT activist. If he doesn’t win this award it is bound to go to some other social justice campaigner, these awards are now beyond saving.

The worship of Waleed Ali by the political and media establishment is a perfect illustration of the disconnection ordinary Australians have with those who actually make the decisions about what the law shall be or what they are told is the news. Their voices are ignored by the elites, they are deemed uneducated, uninformed when it comes to having an opinion on things such as multiculturalism and immigration and only an academic views like Waleed’s opinion should be listened too.

The sweep of awards that Waleed is taking this year is not a reflection of his popularity with Australians or his intelligence. They are simply awards from his friends in high places saying thank you for agreeing with us. Thankfully thanks to new media such as the internet alternative voices are now able to be heard that actually reflect the views of ordinary Australians. The influence of people like Waleed and the gatekeepers in the mainstream media won’t last much longer.

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