­For too long now conservatives and anyone slightly “right of center” have been targeted by the “fascistbook Führer” Mark Zuckerberg and he’s 1984 style cyber-dystopia he has formed. Mark Zuckerberg and his “Community Standards” policy is nothing short of Fascist in Ideology, silencing people who say things that are not “Politically correct” no matter how much evidential backing there is to prove the statements made. I was recently banned by “The Führer” for speaking out against Islam “the religion full of Bomb makers and failed pilots” and disagreeing with aspects of their totalitarian Ideology. Were the “peaceful Muslims” who threatened violence against me banned? Of course not, but I, who did nothing but speak my opinion got sentenced to 30 days in “Zuckerschwitz” concentration camp, all for speaking out. Mark would prefer to appease the feelings of the Smelly, unshaven, odious femiwhales instead of actual respectable members of society.

Imagine a world under the reign of Mark Zuckerberg, how much of your freedoms are you willing to give up, Mark has already admitted to selling our personal information to corporations. Mark is a wolf in sheeps clothing, he is doing the Equivalent to the book burning the Nazis done. Mark Zuckerberg has become a loose cannon and a propaganda machine, believe Facebook is fair? Try telling them what happened, try getting them to be reasonable, you will be hard pressed to even hear a response back. Mark doesnt care about you ladies and gentlemen, understand that.

We all need to get Zuckerberg to get his grubby little hands off our rights to speak, Zuckerberg is nothing but a dictator who is on a power trip, who feels he has the right to silence anyone he disagrees with. A study was done where a person reported a comment that read “Kill all white people” but the comment DID NOT violate community standards, later a comment, “Kill all black people” was reported and that comment was removed. You are allowed to attack Christianity but not Islam. Facebook has now become a platform to push a political agenda. Everyone we need to resist the fascist ideologies of Mark Zuckerberg and he’s totalitarian dystopia we call “Facebook”.

P.S: I challenge “The Führer” to a match in the Boxing ring.

Proudly by: Logan Spalding (Cptn: Inanity)


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