Leftists Go On Abuse Rampage After Same Sex Marriage Vote

Most of the news coverage following the vote in the House of Representatives passing the same sex marriage legislation has focused on the stories of the same sex marriage advocates and their long journey to equality. Malcolm Turnbull gleefully proclaimed before the final vote ‘we have voted today for a quality, for love, it is time for more marriages, more commitment, more love, more respect.’

However that is not what is playing out on social media, with some yes advoctes rather than focusing on the achievement of a reform they have lobbying for so long have instead decided to be sore winners a heap abuse on promient no campaigners. Their preffered method of abuse has been to tell their opponents to eat shit.

Lyle Shelton Director of the Australian Christian Lobby has obviously been the main target and responded with posting the slogan of the yes campaign given that they don’t seem to be practicing what they preached.

Some might say that you expect people on social media and Twitter in particular to be vulgar and this is not really news. However these tweets have got the endorsement of leftist news websites Junkee and Pedestrian TV who gleefully reported that it was now trending. These websites also played prominent roles in the yes campaign by encouraging their readers to enroll to vote

This is no less than one hour after the legislation that has passed. Some stated throughout the campaign if the left are abusive now imagine what they will be like when the law passes. Well we are now finding out.

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