March for Life Brisbane 2018 Draws Thousands – ABC Fudges Numbers

Saturday 1st September 2PM at Queens Park in the Brisbane CBD, an estimated 3000+ attendees met in preparation for annual March for Life. Numbers were said to be double the usual due to the October 16 vote for the Labour government proposed “Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018”, which was dubbed by critics as the “Late-term abortion bill”.

ABC reported the numbers to be ‘up to 1000’ in an apparent attempt to downplay the massive turnout.

The proposed bill would make it legal to have an abortion for any reason up to 22 weeks gestation. Foetus’ over 22 weeks would be permissible under a multitude of reasons including “social” reasons. Abortion would be permissible for the purposes of sex selection such as seen in Communist China under the one child policy, where millions of females were aborted due to a cultural preference for males.

The bill will also allow abortions to be performed for free in public hospitals, remove the requirements for counselling and a cooling-off period and compel doctors with conscientious objection refer the patient to another doctor.

A sample of material being handed out at the march

Attendees marched to Speaker’s Corner adjacent Queensland Parliament house where LNP state MP Mark Robinson, LNP Senators Matt Canavan and Amanda Stoker outlined their reasoning for opposition to the bill. Families, children and the elderly made their voices heard, following which devoted faithful knelt in prayer facing the parliament.

Interestingly a group of animal rights activists marched by while attendees were rallying at Queens Park chanting “every animal wants to live” which is quite right. Every human wants to live as well, unless you’re washed up and filled with self loathing like the members of Antifa Brisbane.

The numbers are are such that if all LNP members vote against the bill that 4 ALP members would have to cross the floor to strike it down. Attendees were encouraged to contact their local member’s to stress the importance of the sanctity of human life.

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