Yassmin Goes Full Troll

After disgracing herself earlier this year with her Lest We Forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine) tweet on ANZAC Day the public backlash become too much Yassmin Abdel-Magied and she decided to leave Australia. Of course it was not just this one tweet which led to her demise but a serious of ludicrous public statements that Islam was a feminist religion, Australian democracy was racist and cultural diversity can prevent oil spills. She was sacked from from her role as a presenter on the ABC and from the Council for Australian-Arab Relations.

Given that she was so unprepared for the backlash many would suggest that Yassmin reflect on her conduct and if she couldn’t handle public scrutiny perhaps she should retire from the public eye and just go back to being an engineer. But instead following her departure to the United Kingdom she went on an international victim tour telling any media organisation who would listen how betrayed she felt by Australia and her only crime apparently was being a successful Muslim woman of color.

Many say we should simply ignore her now but when someone such as her decided to constantly attack Australia and claim we are racist and intolerant country it is only reasonable for Australians to correct the record. It was not because she is a Muslim woman of color she is disliked but the fact she has consistently insulted and disrespected the nation that offered her so many opportunities.

Over the past weekend it has been noticed that a new Yassmin has emerged, it seems she has given up trying to make reasoned arguments (if she ever had any) and instead become an internet troll. She choose Remembrance Day to post another Lest We Forget tweet again about Manus.

Although this tweet gained the most public attention the next day she followed up with an even more inflammatory tweet denouncing freedom and Australia’s very existence.

Following these tweets she stated her reasoning behind her new found attitude.

Of course nobody can deny that trolling is sometimes effective but given that it was inflammatory tweets that first got her into hot water why would returning to such a tactic somehow resurrect her standing in Australian society?

The new Yassmin might now even be too much for some of the most progressive mainstream media outlets to continue to parade her around as a victim of a cruel nation. If you constantly trash Australia’s reputation most normal people would conclude that it was fair enough you were run out of the nation. Yassmin’s downward spiral it seems has no end and she does not know when to simply accept her career as political activist is all but over.

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