Malcolm Roberts Calls for Tommy Robinson To Be Granted Asylum in Australia

Former One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has called on Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to grant anti-Islam and British values campaigner Tommy Robinson political asylum in Australia’s Embassy in London. Roberts was attending a rally in Brisbane in support of Robinson.

Simultaneous rallies in support of Robinson took place in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra as part of growing international anger over his imprisonment and the suppression of information about it.

Back in the UK despite the media blackout the British public has been taking to Downing Street to demand his release. A petition calling on Prime Minister Theresa May to free Robinson has now gained 500,000 signatures.

Tommy Robinson was summarily sentenced to 13 months in prison after being arrested and charged with breaching the peace for live streaming outside a Muslim gang grooming trial in Leeds. This breached a suspended sentence he received for contempt of court for covering a previous grooming trial.

The prison sentence has been seen by some as a death sentence for Robinson as he was previously bashed by Muslim prison inmates when serving time for mortgage fraud.

Roberts in his Facebook video calls Tommy a campaigner for freedom of speech whose only crime has been speaking up for his fellow citizens. He puts a direct question to Peter Dutton, will he grant Tommy political asylum in Australia’s embassy following his release as a refugee?

Certainly, Australia is not as politically correct and totalitarian as the UK (yet). Although Peter Dutton has promised to fast-track persecuted white South African farmers as refugees in Australia, trying to bring Tommy Robinson to Australia, which would put him at odds with the UK government is a bigger ask.

Nevertheless, the UK authorities have failed in their bid to make Tommy Robinson simply disappear and the longer he is imprisoned for with a suppression order the more backlash there will at home and around the world against the UK government.

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