Mark Latham’s Defamation Defence Against Osman Faruqi Struck Out

Mark Latham is currently facing a defamation case brought against him by ABC journalist and former Junkee writer Osman Faruqi who Latham on his former Rebel Media channel called Faruqi an anti-white racist. Faruqi alleges that Latham claimed he was encouraging terrorism.

Today Federal Court Judge Wigney struck out Latham’s 76 page defence of his comments which included 164 of Faruqi’s tweets detailing his anti-white racism. Wigney stated the defence “not capable of supporting the assertion or conclusion that Mr Faruqi demonises or vilifies white people”.

An example of Faruqi’s comments against whites included his celebrating the fact that the Section 44 dual citizenship crisis was impacting white politicians in an exchange with Yassmin Abdel-Maiged.

Latham has immediately hit out at this decision appearing on 2GB with Ben Fordham and with a post on his Mark Latham’s Outsiders Facebook page detail just a fraction of his evidence of Faruqi’s racism and vowed to continue to fight this case against him.

Osman Faruqi is the son of new New South Wales Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi chosen by the party to replace Lee Rhiannon who lost preselection. In her maiden speech she called Australians racist and that racism was on the rise and that Australia was built on invasion and stolen land. Much was made of the fact she was the first Muslim Senator.

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