Margaret Court Not to Present, But Veronicas To Perform At Australian Open

Margaret Court’s Grand Slam 50th Anniversary

The 2020 Australian Open in Melbourne marks the 50th anniversary of Australian tennis legend Margaret Court’s 4 grand slam wins in a calendar year.

Since her retirement from professional tennis, Margaret Court became an ordained pastor and founded the Victory Life Church in Perth. In recent years her Christian views on same-sex marriage, transgenderism and opposing the LGBT safe schools program as seen her become a frequent target of progressive activists.

Since 2011 there have been calls to rename Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne Park due to her views. Court has repeatedly stated she does not hate homosexuals and she loves everyone.

In the lead up to this year’s Australian Open Court challenged Tennis Australia in an open letter to celebrate her achievement in the same manner they had the year before with Rod Laver.

Tennis Australia responded that they would “recognise” rather than “celebrate” her achievements, adding in that they did not support her personal views and supported LGBT inclusion. It has now been confirmed that Court will not be presenting the women’s singles’ trophy.

The Vernoics Performing at this Year’s Australian Open

The Australian Open every year as part of its festivities has a Live Stage where Australian musicians perform throughout the tournament. One of the booked acts is the Veronicas.

One of the Veronica twins Jessica Origliasso who is pansexual said of people such as Court in 2017 “They’re coming from a place of fear which is honestly very sad. I hate that people like that have a platform to spread fear”.

The Veronicas have not had good publicity of late due to their own behavior. The twins were escorted off a Qantas flight departing Sydney by Australian Federal Police in September last year after a dispute with the cabin crew.

In November when US rapper accused a Qantas flight attendant of racism and being “overly aggressive” the Veronicas wrongly alleged it was the same flight attendant involved in their incident and wrote on Twitter “We feel sickened she was given no reprisal and has instead continued to abuse her position”.

The Veronicas deleted their twitter account hours after that statement. Given that doxxed the flight attendant he claimed was racist Qantas said they would fund a lawsuit for her unless an apology was issued from

On Sunday, January 12th members of the University of Queensland Liberal National Club protested outside a Drag Queen Storytime event at a City of Brisbane Library chanting “drag queens are not for kids”.

Jessica Origliasso uploaded a clip from the protest to her 319k Instagram followers featuring the UQ LNP Club President Wilson Gavin claiming he and protestors “add[ed] to the bigotry, division and trauma young children are left to face in today’s society.

The next morning Wilson Gavin took his own life. The social media pile-on, likely assisted by Jessica’s video upload and condemnation from his own former political party appeared to become too much.

Wilson himself was openly homosexual and a staunch social conservative and traditionalist. When news of his death broke Jessica deleted the video and stated “Terrible to hear the recent news involving one of the men from yesterday’s protest. For anyone needed support or triggered by the events of the past 48hrs, please reach out for support.”

Jessica is currently engaged to Kai Carlton a biologically female born transman who is a musician and bartender based in Los Angeles. She has previously dated Australian-born actress Ruby Rose.

The Perverse Australian Open

It would appear perverse that Margaret Court who has only been attacked for her beliefs, not actions is shunned at the Australian Open which should be celebrating her career achievements.

While at the same time they have booked The Veronicas to perform at the Open who are on record attacking her and having been involved in three separate controversies in the past six months.

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