Julian Burnside Compares Peter Dutton to a Nazi

A retweet from Julian Burnside QC, a prominent refugee advocate made on March 24th has gained attention over the past 24 hours which portrays Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton as a member of the Nazi Gestapo.

The left have in the past week stepped up their attack on Peter Dutton even further after they were triggered by his proposal to bring into Australia as refugees white South African farmers who are facing violence and murder. They believe that racism against white people does not exist. Greens Senator Nick McKim labelled Dutton a fascist and claimed only white supremacists and neo-Nazi would support such a proposal.

Peter Dutton hit back on 2GB Radio last saying that the left wing media such as the ABC and the Guardian can say what they want as they are dead to him and he is focused on his job. This quote from Dutton was the inspiration for the the original twitter picture from Close Manus & Nauru.

Last week he was called fascist, this week he’s a Nazi. What will the left compare Peter Dutton to next week? A US mass shooter? Dutton was asked about this latest slur on this week’s 2GB Radio appearance with Ray Hadley said Burnside was only after attention, he called him a media tart and a hypocrite for only criticizing conservatives over border policy.

Burnside has a history of abusing of conservatives as he called on children to spit at the feet of former Immigration Minister Scott Morrison. Dutton’s cabinet colleague Josh Frydenberg has called on Burnside to apologize stating his comments were ‘despicable’ and offensive to Australia’s Jewish population.

It is not the first slur Dutton has had to deal with this week after an AAP report alleged that Dutton personally benefited by intervening in two cases of a young tourist who was initially denied entry to Australia after they had informed border officials that they intended to perform babysitting duties while in Australia. Dutton granted the tourist visa after an undertaking that au pair would not partake in paid work. Dutton has called the story “defamatory” and his family never employed a nanny.

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