Reports of Violence Cronulla Anning Announcement- Sources say

The Unshackled has had reports of violence from Cronulla where today Fraser Anning was announcing his candidate for Cook and NSW Senate Team announcement.

A 19 year old has been arrested at the scene, where he remains in custody at Sutherland Police Station.


Scuffle. Between person in the public and a photographer.

We are getting emailed some sources.


After the press conference finished, a member of the public wearing a blue shirt followed a 7 News journalist, calling her a “commie whore” repeatedly. She verbally lashed out, threatening to call the police if he continued.

I turned away at that point. 

The incident took place 50m away from where the presser was held, most people didn’t see it take place as we’d all dispersed in different directions. I saw the guy in the blue shirt walking away from a cameraman who’d had his shirt torn. 

Blue shirt sat down on a nearby bench after a few people called out to him as he tried to leave. Police approached him, he didn’t put up a struggle. Journos rushed over at that point but it was over.” 


More details to follow.

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