Fast – Australia Day 2018 at Moreland City Council

The Unshackled was present at the City of Moreland Council Building in Coburg on Australia Day 2018. Moreland was one of three Inner Melbourne councils to remove all references to Australia Day however they were not stripped of their power to hold citizenship ceremonies on the day by the federal government.

It was rumored that Neil Erikson and his group Patriot Blue would visit the council building with the intention of handing out information on those attending citizenship ceremonies about the council’s decision.

There was a heavy police presence at the council, when Erikson and Patriot Blue arrived they asked if they were allowed in which was denied by police. The leaflets were handed out to new citizens by a man named George who told them he was the son of Serbian immigrants who wanted to make them feel welcome to being an Australia.

The leaflets were taken by 75% of people attending the ceremonies, there was one women who approached the group who appeared to be leftist spy who was filming everyone present with her camera phone.

Erikson was live streaming all of the activity on his Nationalist Uprising Facebook page. The handing out of leaflets concluded after 30 minutes with Patriot Blue proceeding with their plans for the rest of Australia Day.

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