Anger Continues Over Community Sentence Handed to Driver Who Hit and Killed Boy

There has been mass outrage and anger over the 80 hour community corrections order handed down to Ayou Deng, a Sudanese mother of seven who hit and killed 13 year old Jalal Yassine-Najaanger in the Melbourne suburb of Brookfield while he was skateboarding to school one year ago. However she was only charged and found guilty unlicensed driving and an unrelated assault. She was not charged with culpable driving.

She did not render any assistance after hitting Jalal according to an eye witness, has not expressed any remorse to the boy’s distraught mother Olivia Yassine, and at a previous court appearance she swung her handbag and threw dirt at a Seven News crew who were covering the hearing.

Deng’s sentencing was attended by the True Blue Crew with their leader Kane Miller giving her a spray as she was whisked away with her supporters to a waiting car, Miller yelled she should be jail and/or deported. A vigil f0r Jalal was also held outside the court which in addition to the True Blue Crew was attended by Hayden Bradford of Protect Victoria and Australian Conservatives MLC Dr Rachel Carling Jenkins.

Olivia Yassine and her supporters are calling for an inquiry into why Victoria Police did not charge Deng with culpable driving with the hope of having the investigation reopened. The anger over the sentence reinforces the view of many Victorians that African criminals largely responsible for the state’s crime wave are not receiving just sentences from the judicial system. Home invasions and robberies are continuing to occur on almost a daily basis in Melbourne.

A Facebook page Justice for Jalal was set up on March 11 and has already received over 2,000 likes. The vastly growing True Blue Crew is also uncovering new facts about Deng’s background and history and posting it on their Facebook page which paints an even colder picture of the type of person she is.

Today is the first anniversary of Jalal’s death. His mother Olivia still has her other children to take care but will continue to campaign for justice. No mother should have to experience what has happened to her.

Despite tougher talk about crime in Victoria from the Andrews Government and Liberal Opposition no MP from the major parties has expressed their outrage at the sentence handed to Deng or called for the police investigation to be reopened. But the anger in the community will remain and campaign for Justice for Jalal has only just began.

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