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Our discovery of new Australian alt-media personalities continues, and we are very happy to introduce you to Matty’s Modern Life which is a YouTube channel which produces both commentary and educational videos on everything from Australian politics, cultural issues to philosophy and Austrian economics. He also hosts XYZ Live every Monday night on his channel with their Editor David Hiscox and publishes on

We ask about his YouTube style and how he goes about producing his videos and where the name Matty’s Modern Life came from. We discuss his affiliation with XYZ and how he enjoys working with them. We discuss social media censorship of right-wing views and debate whether alternative social media like Minds and can take off.

We look at the Australian political landscape including the calibre of our politicians, media, universities and corporations. We analyse the state of free markets and liberty in the current cultural climate and also explore why communist and socialist ideas appear to be making a comeback.

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