The Unshackled Waves Ep. 120 Interview Show with Hayden Bradford From Protect Victoria

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Following our In Focus Show on Victoria’s African Youth Gang Crime Wave and that the state’s crime crisis still very much in the news with violent crimes continuing to be committed on by men described of being of African appearance we thought it would be best to bring on an expert on this issue to discuss how exactly Victoria ended up in this situation. Our guest today is Hayden Bradford is the founder of Protect Victoria a new lobby group which is calling for the state government overhaul their current approach to law and order.

We ask him how each arm of government has contributed to the current crisis from the laws and polices passed by the Andrews Government and its predecessors and the attitude and sentencing of the judiciary. We look at his proposed policy solutions including a complete overhaul of the judicial system in Victoria, making Judges and Magistrates more accountable and removing their ability to send anyone over 16 to youth dentition. The police force can also be reformed with the leadership of the police to come from the rank and file instead of being appointed from above and unnecessary restrictions on police officers doing their job be removed.

We ask Hayden to describe who Protect Victoria are including what they are not, the growth of the organization and the different backgrounds of people who make up its membership. We look at Protect Victoria’s approach to lobbying for its policy outcomes during the state election year, how the major parties have treated them so far and what tactics they will use to have MPs take them more seriously as the election approaches. We also look at Protect Victoria’s first public rally on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament on Sunday 11th February.

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