UPDATE: Patriot Blue’s Facebook Videos Deleted

In the aftermath of Patriot Blue’s trip to Melbourne yesterday to confront leftist protesters outside the Immigration Department and more notably Labor Senator Sam Dastyari Facebook has responded by deleting both videos off the Patriot Blue Facebook page. Now the only way the public can access them is through edited versions uploaded to newsites however Sam Dastyari’s own recording of the confrontation has not been deleted from his Facebook page.

It is not clear whether this was the decision of Facebook or on instruction from law enforcement who may be investigating incident. Mainstream media reports have been speculating that Dastyari could pass the matter onto police even though the only law that Neil Erikson and Patriot Blue could be accused of breaching is one of the many against free speech.

Neil Erikson’s personal Facebook page and the Patriot Blue Facebook page are still up and have been active throughout today however they could meet the same fate as the United Patriots Front and Blair Cottrell’s  Facebook pages which after obtaining over 100,000 likes were all deleted from Facebook. Facebook censorship against the right and nationalists and patriots in particular is a regular occurrence.

The confrontation between Patriot Blue and Sam Dastyari continues to dominate the news cycle with comments from Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten condemning what they called racial vilification. However Pauline Hanson stated it she was not surprised that Dastyari copped a bit back and refused to condemn Patriot Blue. Neil Erikson in media appearances this morning has remained defiant.

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