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The Unshackled covered the first ever Free Speech Rally hosted by the newly formed Australian Freedom of Speech Movement outsider the State of Library of Victoria on Saturday 24th February 2018. Yours truly was one of the speakers  and you can see all of the speeches on our YouTube channel. The movement was founded Magnus O’Mallon and Nathaniel England who are students at Melbourne University and members of the Melbourne University Freedom Society. To have a debrief about the rally I thought I’d invite them on this week’s show.

We ask why they felt the need to the take the message and arguments for free speech to the streets. We explore their political backgrounds and personal philosophy. We ask them to explain why they were hesitant about having members of the nationalist movement involved in their cause given it was a free speech for all rally. We also look at the practicalities of organising a public event, were they happy with the turnout and disappointed Antifa did not show up. We also see how they plan to grow the movement.

We also discuss the issue of free speech in general, including the best way to sell it to the wider Australian public. We look at the difference between government censorship and private censorship such as that by social media companies and corporations and if that is just as big a threat. We also explore how political correctness has contributed to the eroding of free speech over the past decade. We also ask them for some first hand stories about social justice warrior antics on their local university campus.

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