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Learn what we are about, our mission in creating The Unshackled, the range of content we produce and meet our editorial team.

Our Mission

A new shadow has begun sweeping over the world, trying to hold us down. It’s now turning into an all-out assault on the freedoms we once took for granted with daily impunity

The Red Menace was once defeated, but its back in a new form. And this time, it’s stronger and much more pervasive. Not stronger in terms of military power, but stronger when it comes to infiltrating people’s minds, possessing people’s hearts and breaking their souls. The Western world, once the great beacon of freedom and liberty, is now facing an apocalyptic revolution. Its enemies go by many names: the progressive left, social justice warriors and the bearers of politician correctness and identity and victim politics. It is set to undermine what our civilization has worked for, from above and below, inside and out.

Formed in the Holy Year 2016 (aka the Current Year), The Unshackled aims to uphold and protect what made western civilization great, those ideas from conservative and libertarian and various other centre-right schools of thought. We will expose the activities of the various enemies and fightback against the advance against their ideas in the media, in politics and popular culture. Whether the issues are economic, social or cultural the Unshackled will fight to expose the truth and protect free thinking and free markets. We will not just expose the various arms of the left, we will tackle the corrupt ideologies within the right-wing that have led to parasitic institutions such as crony capitalism which has ruined the reputation and meaning of the original free market capitalism.

Every day ordinary people are being shackled and told what to think, what is wrong with them and the way they currently live is wrong When asked why he decided to have gender quotas in government, Justin Trudeau said, “Because it’s 2016”. Well. We agree. This is why we formed this website, because it’s 2016. Because this is an age of upheaval. It’s an era that threatens our freedoms, our advancement, and our existence.

We must win the war against the controllers of thought and actions. We must protect our world and our lives against mass surveillance, big government, political correctness, the nanny state and elites attempting to rule over ordinary people. We must uplift this world from the current Dark Age. We must swear to never let totalitarianism sweep the world again.

We are the Unshackled and we will break the chains of control.

Our Content

The Unshackled produces a wide variety on content on a daily basis. We have two blogs, our Rundown blog which provides news and analysis on the important issues of the day happening locally and internationally. We also have our Recourse essays section which aims to provide commentary of a more general and philosophical nature and to facilitate intellectual discussion.

We produce two podcasts offering differing perspectives on the news of the day. The Unshackled Waves which is hosted by Editor in Chief of Tim Wilms aims to inform people about the latest battles facing our world and provide the truth about current events. It is published multiple times per week in different formats. Front and Center hosted by Deputy Editor Emilio Garcia showcases centrist points of view, both politically and socially. Every week it talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly on all sides on the political spectrum.

The Unshackled also publishes periodic video content which include field reports from various public events that occur around the country. It also features news summary videos. We also broadcast livestreams during major political events through our various social media channels.

Tim Wilms
Founder & Editor in Chief

Steele Archer

Morgan Munro
Senior Producer

Damien Ferri
Senior Editor

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