Extra Wave No. 2 – Pyne’s Gay Porn Twitter Hack

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This is an Extra Wave after the Unshackled Waves Ep. 102. Following the results of the Marriage Law Postal Survey Defence Industry Minister and Leader of the House Christopher Pyne liked a gay porn video on his twitter account at 2am in the morning. He unliked it at 6am and claimed that his account was hacked. Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi wanted a parliamentary investigation into the hacking as it could be a national security incident and we needed to find out how far and deep this penetration had been. We attempt to get to the bottom of the matter and speculate who could be behind it or if there is another explanation for this incident.

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Tim Wilms

Tim Wilms is Editor-in-Chief of The Unshackled and host of The Unshackled Waves podcast. He is based in Melbourne, Victoria where he also does field reports.

  • Carol Miller

    I just love Cory Bernardi innocently talking about Pyne’s twitter account hack, when he accidently used words words pertaining to sex and couldn’t stop laughing. Anyone taking offence is rubbish. I’m still laughing at the expression on his face when he realised what he said. Go Cory!!! So funny.