The Unshackled Waves Ep. 204 Australian Immigration Attitudes

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One of the most polarizing issues in Australia politics is immigration with our overall immigration intake currently having a ceiling of 190,000 a year. Given the incidents of migrant crime and terrorism we have seen in Australia as well as infrastructure in our major cities being strained it is an issue that is becoming of more concern to the public. Pressure has been mounting on politicians to address this issue with Prime Minister Scott Morrison hinting a cut this week.

A new policy paper from the Centre for Independent Studies released this week called Australian Attitudes to Immigration: Coming Apart or Common Ground? By Jeremy Sammut and Monica Wiklie has found that immigration is not just a concern of those in working class areas as has been the case overseas, but also in affluent suburbs. To discuss the findings of the paper as well as lessons policy makers Monica Wilkie one of the authors was my guest on today’s show.

CIS Paper: Australian Attitudes to Immigration: Coming Apart or Common Ground?
Scott Morrison will unveil immigration cut in 2019 budget after ’fair dinkum process’ – Herald Sun