YouTube Blocks Our Video for Containing the National Anthem

Internet, Regressive Left, Rundown

The Unshackled ventured down to cover the Aussie Pride Flag march and proceeded to make the footage available on YouTube. The video has been restricted in over 200 countries, surpassing the 195 countries recognized by the UN, because it contained supposed Copywritten material owned by “Fanfare Records.” It turns out Fanfare Records owns the Australian National Anthem.

The Unshackled has submitted a dispute, but this is not outside the realm of what has become expected from YouTube which regularly shuts down and creates roadblocks for any content that is not apolitical or radically to the left. The leftist skew of YouTube was proven by a lawsuit on behalf of Dennis Prager which YouTube ultimately won.

The claim Prager made was that YouTube’s claim to be politically impartial constituted false advertising, but the judge recognized that though the company is not impartial, that claim was more of a marketing slogan than an actual promise to consumers. In other words, no necessary objectivity on behalf of YouTube, and the proof can be seen here.