University Erects “Dismantle Whiteness” Mural

Race, Regressive Left, Rundown, Universities

The University of Southern California, USA, has recently erected a mural with the intention to fight “racism, sexism and xenophobia.” The mural was conjured up by a campus “feminist collective” that has the mission to design media for social change. The mural meant to fight broad categorizations of large swaths of people is, ironically enough, called the “Dismantle Whiteness” mural.

Many students have said they’re upset that this mural has been erected at all, especially because it has been erected in a high-traffic part of campus, but the administrators agree the discussion this mural will spark is important. They could not be more wrong. Insulting a racial group is not an acceptable proxy to a discussion, not to mention that to imply that whiteness is responsible for xenophobia, sexism, and racism is an incredibly racist implication.

This university has not only allowed, but endorsed an openly racist mural to be erected on their campus, and they deserve full condemnation.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast