UK: Protect the Criminals, Jail the Reporters

British Politics, Corruption, Crime, Media, Rundown

A country does not descend into tyranny overnight, rather it is a slow-paced progression that evermore infringes on individuals’ rights. Many complex socio-political shifts have to happen for a government to turn tyrannical but make no mistake, the first crack-down is always on freedom of speech.

The UK is currently involved in a PR disaster on steroids. A failed immigration policy has led to a dramatic increase in instances of violence and rape in the country that the government and local authorities are determined to cover-up and underplay. During the sentencing of a man who taught his girlfriend’s god to do a Nazi salute, every major media outlet was waiting outside the courthouse to report, while a court of a large-scale vicious child grooming and rape gang saw one lonesome conservative activist present and ready report.

One of the greatest tools society now has at its disposal is individuals’ ability to be a reporter. Every phone with an internet connection and a camera can be used to capture and report any incident. It can be used, that is until the government decides they don’t like what is being reported. According to the government of the UK, Tommy Robinson’s Livestream outside the courthouse constituted ‘breaching the peace,’ and has sentenced him to 13 months in prison.

This is an attack on free speech of Orwellian proportions. This is an issue separate from partisanship. Had the UK government quashed the ability of any individual to freely report what they felt fit, regardless of a kinship to that individual’s political ideology or rhetoric, we would be up in arms and marching in the streets as well.

The UK has been exposed as covering up the crimes of immigrant populations before, citing a fear of racist societal repercussions on the community as a whole as justification. Though legal protection against violence is of the utmost importance for any group or individual, to lie to the public is an infringement of their basic rights. No one in their right mind would endorse blanket racial targeting based on the actions of some in their community, but the public has the right to know what is going on within the borders of their country, regardless of the optics of the situation.

The UK’s crackdown on freedom of speech combined with their ever-expanding efforts to shield the public from “uncomfortable truths” is leading down a tremendously dangerous path. A world power is on route to becoming fully tyrannical and only public awareness will stop them in their tracks. The government has no power if the people don’t hand it over, and the UK government would be wise to not make the people take it back.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast