Trump’s Former Deputy Campaign Manager Apologizes for Racist Comment

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David Bossie appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the rhetoric of many of Donald Trump’s critics as equating the situation at the border to Auschwitz and Japanese Internment. The discussion got heated but fell under the general lack of civil discourse and sensationalism that has come to be expected from discussions like these on Mainstream media outlets, until Bossie let a comment slip that is simply not defensible. Watch below:

Bossie referred to the other guest on the show, Joel Payne, a black Democrat, as being out of his “cotton-picking mind,” which makes reference to when slaves in the United States were used to pick cotton in the fields of plantations. To be clear, the term “cotton-picking” is not a regularly used phrase in American English with non-racial connotations.

Bossie tweeted out the following apology after the segment:

In today’s media landscape, benign and non-racial comments are conflated with bigotry all too often, but it’s important to call out legitimate instances of racism on whichever part of the political spectrum they are found. David Bossie’s comments cannot be interpreted as anything less than a racial slur and it deserves condemnation.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast