The Right Wing’s New Australian Nationalist Coordination Authority

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In The Unshackled’s ongoing coverage of the emerging right-wing in Australia, The Unshackled has uncovered a new layer of sophistication and intrigue, the ANCA. ANCA (Australian Nationalist Coordination Authority) is a new organizational body that has recently emerged. ANCA boasts a stronghold of many powerful and popular right-wing groups and even expresses its own Charter of Principles.   This short Unshackled exclusive news article will explore ANCA, and explain to our Unshackled readers what we can determine is its goals, functions and obligations.


ANCA stands for the Australian Nationalist Coordination Authority. This is an Australian treaty organization attempts to guide the growing nationalist and neo-reactionary right-wing groups into productive units.

ANCA is self-described as “the ark of Nationalism…[providing] stability and confidence in these uncertain times.” As far as the journalists here at The Unshackled can determine, ANCA sees itself as most of a supporting player in the nationalist movement rather than a top down dictatorship.


As far as The Unshackled can determine, ANCA sees its function as a function of influence and direction. The homepage of the ANCA website describes itself as “directly responsible for the coordination of our most prominent Nationalist groups within Australia”. This means that ANCA is not attempting to dictate how groups should function or what they should do, but instead, that ANCA provides direction and coordination to groups willing to accede to the ANCA – Charter of Principles.


It has come to the attention of The Unshackled that if a nationalist group wants to join ANCA, then they must follow 9 beliefs held by ANCA. You can read the full terms here.

The beliefs mainly revolve around the idea that Western Civilisation, its people and its culture is under attack. The Unshackled notes that most of the points are very much a part of the ongoing culture war that is being waged in all Western Nations at this time.


Currently ANCA has a QLD tab. In this tab of so called “Accredited Qld Branches”, 5 groups dominate the field.

The New Guard

The New Guard is for the people. We are the soil in which the movement will grow. We will enable nationalists to begin businesses, acquire funds, learn skills, achieve self-betterment, connect socially and spiritually, all in order to form long-lasting communities.


The Australian Traditional Nationalist (Austranati)

We are an Australian movement that advocates the protection of our Australian identity and the Traditional Western values rooted in predominantly Christian traditions; for the protection of our peoples’ heritage against Cultural Marxism, Islam, political correctness, international communism and the globalist elite. Austranati hope to achieve political status through the group leader.




Legio Australis

Legio Australis is doing amazing work setting up Nationalist groups within our Universities and Higher Education facilities across Brisbane. They intend on dominating and securing a Nationalist place to counter the growing Marxist indoctrination.

Alt-Right Australia

Based out of Sydney, Alt-Right Australia also play a leading role within the Brisbane community. They advocate the protection of Western Culture and often use protectionist poster designs to express their message. Simple, professional and effective.


National Advocates

“Creating a Future for White Australians.” To learn more about NA, please contact



As far as we can tell here at The Unshackled, the Right Wing continues to march on. Although the movement is still young in terms of power, the movement now sees itself as strong enough to start coordinating and actively moving against the left.

Speaking of the left, where is the left? What will be the left’s response to ANCA? These are interesting and fundamental questions that we here at The Unshackled will continue to monitor for all our readers.