The Regressive Left Can Still Be Successfully Opposed Following the Yes Vote

Some on right side of politics did not vote no in the marriage postal survey simply because they were simply morally opposed to same sex marriage but because they wanted to stop the march of the cultural left in our country. Issues such as free speech, safe schools and leftist bullying were raised in the debate. Tony Abbott urged people who opposed political correctness to vote no.

Many no voters following the overwhelming yes vote yesterday have been despairing at the fact the left’s agenda has now appeared to be empowered and has the stamp of approval of the Australian people. They point to some of the appalling behaviour of yes campaign during the debate which included the ACL being bombed, calls to burn churches and Tony Abbott being headbutted as a sign of things to come following this vote.

However, they need not be so pessimistic as the vote on same sex marriage should only be looked in isolation. It was clear that middle Australia voted yes because they believed in the Australian value of fair go, many people can disagree with their reasoning and argue that they should have thought more about the consequences, but vote is clear and must be respected.

But the right should take solace in the fact that other aspects of the left’s agenda are still strongly opposed by the same people who voted yes. The polling for the marriage survey in the end matched the actual result, given that level of accuracy let us look at the polling conducted for some other key political and cultural issues in Australia.

Strong border protection has overwhelming public support with 60% of Australians agreeing that our government needs to take strong measures to stop boats coming to Australia including mandatory detention and offshore processing. Not only that but 59% of voters believe those accepted as refugees should not receive government assistance. Of course, you don’t need to rely on just polling to prove this but the 2013 federal election result where Tony Abbott was elected on a platform of stopping the boats.

Australians also not only want strong maritime border protection but an overhaul of our whole immigration program. An Essential Media poll in 2016 revealed that at least 49% of Australians supported a ban on Muslim immigration given the increase in Islamic terrorism in western nations and the spread of repressive sharia law. It has also been highlighted by many that areas where Muslims and other migrants live recorded the highest no votes.

Despite the recent actions of some Inner Melbourne councils support for Australia Day as our national day of celebration is at 70%. On the similar matter of our colonial statues which have also been attacked by the cultural left and even vandals 58% of voters believe they should be left as is. Disrespecting ANZAC is still seen as the biggest insult you can give to the nation as Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Scott McIntyre learned. Support for am Australian republic is about even with a slight majority at the moment 51% being in favour in a hypothetic vote.

On issues related to same sex marriage it is certainly still achievable to end the Safe Schools Program, after all the yes campaign did tell us it had nothing to do with same sex marriage. 76+ non-binary genders and pronouns can also still be opposed given that to the ordinary person it sounds obscene.

It is clear from the public polling on these various issues that Australians still want to protect our way of life and values and do not indulge for a minute the demands of the regressive left to open up our borders and the denigration of Australia’s history and pride. Although organisations such as the Socialist Alternative may be celebrating and feeling empowered by yesterday’s vote the average Australia is still disgusted by what they stand for. Political correctness was not approved by yesterday’s vote.

The fight against the regressive left has not been diminished one bit, it was not them who carried this result, although the inner cities where the congregate vote yes so did the regions which are still seen as representative of old Australia. The right should still feel confident that on other cultural issues the majority of Australians are behind them.

Tim Wilms

Tim Wilms is Editor-in-Chief of The Unshackled and host of The Unshackled Waves podcast. He is based in Melbourne, Victoria where he also does field reports.

  • Tony Darcy

    Thank women for the yes vote I think. I am in area which supposedly voted 83% yes.Yet 10 men I spoke to, had said no. It is a survey -not a real vote. No real security measures taken …I think it is worthless and easily challenged.

  • Marcus Agrippa

    This is not just happening in Australia, take your pick, its happening in Britain, USA, Canada, NZ. The barmy left’s dogma is that anything goes. Trannies, homosexuality, and now they are stealthy trying to push their next big agenda – pedophilia. yes thats right, having sex with children is their next big goal to brainwash the public with. Push back people, do not sit back and be passive and just be lazy.

    In Britain where I live, there is a definitely a swing to the right, people have had enough of PC diversity politics being rammed down our throats for years. No more white guilt and cowering with false guilt, thank God Brexit happened, it woke us all up just in time. You Aussies need to do the same ASAP. Get behind Pauline Hanson and One Nation party. Oh and can Tony Abbott stop dithering being so indecisive and make his mind up what the hell is he is going to do?? before its too late?